Film / Arts & Entertainment (Urban)

Native American pottery

In addition to creating new opportunities for above and below the line jobs, new film projects are looking to contribute to the local economy up to $1.5 billion over the next 10 years in direct production spending.

Arts and cultural industries in New Mexico are deeply rooted in the state’s identity. The sector employs 43,031 people, equal to 1 of every 18 jobs in the state (5.5%). More broadly, including persons employed in cultural tourism, art and cultural education, and industries linked to the unique culture and heritage of the state, the arts and cultural industries employ 76,780 persons, equal to nearly one in ten jobs (9.8%).

The most visible, and fastest growing concentration of new jobs in the region is in the film industry. Netflix committed to bringing a content production studio to the area and to create 1,000 production jobs per year. NBCUniversal is locating downtown bringing another 330 jobs. Other key developments in the creative industries include Sony Pictures TV (Better Call Saul); Stage 13; Warner Brothers; and Universal Cable Productions all of which contributed to much of the improved jobs picture.

Filming in NM

In addition to the film industry, dance and performance arts are thriving in the Metro region. Numerous studios and production spaces exist, including Keshet Dance Studio which continues to cultivate economic returns from the arts through its incubator, KIIC.

With a location quotient of 1.85, the film arts and entertainment sectors are showing strong employment in the region compared to the national average. Indeed, the sector has proven to be flexible, responsive, and resilient for employers and employees alike. In addition to being an economic base sector, the jobs allow for all levels of participation, and provide opportunities for supplemental income.

Urban Film / Arts & Entertainment
Strategies for doing this? • Promote the creative economy as economic development
• Support investments and incentives in the arts and cultural facilities
• Support interdisciplinary curricula for business and creative industries in higher education
• Continue to provide film incentives
• Recruit digital media, post production, and other components of the film and media sector
• Develop film infrastructure, i.e., sound stages and backlots.
• Develop a world class performing arts center
• Increase access to capital and business training for creative entrepreneurs
How would we know if we were successful?
What are the key metrics?
• Jobs, especially for self-employed
• Wage increases
• Increases in cultural tourism metrics
• Revenue increases
• New business startups
• Attraction of outside capital investment
• Number of films made
Who are the catalysts?

Who should be accountable for this?
• Government (state and local) film office; Entrepreneurs; Film industry; Performing arts organizations; UNM School of Fine Arts; micro lenders; Creative Startups; Keshet Ideas and Innovation Community
How do we build resilience in this focus area? • Support services for entrepreneurs and artists, especially healthcare
• Create spaces for artisan light manufacturing like maker spaces, workshops, etc.
• Assist artisans with business development, marketing, having a web presence, and other tools