Local Food Maps

If you have been thinking about eating more locally grown foods, you're not alone. Higher food costs, food safety issues, and a desire for a better tasting product have lead many to seek out and increase their consumption of locally grown foods. One of the biggest challenges to eating local foods, however, is knowing where to find them. Now this information is right at your fingertips with the Local Foods Maps!

Eat & Buy Local Foods

Map of Local Food Places

Remember, availability of locally grown goods depends on the seasons, so the selection will vary.

Local Beer / Local Wine & Other Agri-tourism Opportunities

Support agriculture while having a great time:

  • Attend a wine festival or visit a winery for a tasting/tour
  • Check out the Lavender festival, the Maize Maze, local fairs or other agricultural events
  • Tour a dairy and feed baby goats
  • Try local craft beer
  • Visit a "u-pick" farm and harvest your own food

Grow It Yourself

A listing of local resources, businesses and groups to help you grow your own food. You can't get more local than your own backyard!

  • Community Gardens
  • Compost and soil amendments
  • Feed and supply stores
  • Gardening classes and workshops
  • Gardening supply stores