Jemez Springs


  • Area: 4.8 square miles
  • Incorporated: 1955
  • Location: 60 miles northwest of Albuquerque on NM 4
  • Population, 2015: 253
Jemez Springs Monument


Jemez Springs, located in a picturesque canyon cut by the adjacent Jemez River in the mountains of the same name, draws two-million visitors a year. Visitors come for the mountain scenery and the area's hot springs, both public and private, which result from geothermal activity beneath the Jemez Mountains. The village has cafes, shops and motels, and is home to Catholic and Zen Buddhist retreats.


Indian people inhabited the area for hundreds of years before the Spanish arrived. It is believed that they were the ancestors of Jemez Pueblo residents. The community of Jemez Springs, originally called Hot Springs, began in the 1880's as a ranching community.



Jemez Springs Population

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Village of Jemez Springs Municipal Building


  • Four trustees, elected at large every four years
  • Mayor, elected every four years


  • Electric: Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative
  • Natural Gas: not available; propane is available.
  • Sewer: Village of Jemez Springs
  • Solid Waste: Sandoval County
  • Source: Ground water
  • Telephone: Windstream
  • Water: Jemez Springs Domestic Water Mutual


  • Highways: New Mexico State Road 4
  • Transit: Rio Metro dial-a-ride


  • Kindergarten to 12th grade: Jemez Valley Public School District


  • Museum: The Walatowa Visitor Center and Museum of History and Culture presents the culture and traditions of Jemez Pueblo.
  • Recreation: In the Jemez Mountains are numerous trails, hot springs, campgrounds, fishing spots, and a water fall. Sunday drivers will enjoy Soda Dam and Battleship Rock, as well as other dramatic red-rock formations. View the Santa Fe National Forest.
  • State Monuments: Jemez State Monument showcases the prehistoric site of the Pueblo of Giusewa and ruins of the mission Church of San José de los Jemez. Fenton Lake State Park features a cross-country ski and biathlon trail and wheelchair-accessible fishing platforms.