Long Range Transportation System Guide Map Gallery

Long Range Transportation System Guide Gallery

The Long Range Transportation System Guide Map Gallery provides interactive maps that highlight information from the Mid-Region Metropolitan Planning Organization's 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan, called Futures 2040.

The Long Range Transportation System Guide (LRTS Guide) (PDF) was developed in response to the growing need for transportation networks to become more efficient at addressing congestion, providing multi‐modal options for all users, supporting economic development, and improving public health.

The interactive maps provide the designated layers for different modes. Each map identifies current and future planned connections that will allow travel by different modes to major destinations. The maps communicate to a wide variety of stakeholders where proposed network connections are needed. This helps ensure that important network links are not overlooked as opportunities to improve the roadway arise.

Long Range Roadway System (LRRS)

The LRRS shows the regional role for existing and future roadways in the overall network. The categories for regional roles are based upon functional classification, but principle arterials are broken into two groups: regional and community. Principal arterials in the region vary widely in terms of character and purpose. These new categories allow for these differences to be recognized in conceptual designs and other efforts.

Long Range Bikeway System (LRBS)

The LRBS show both existing and future bikeways and trails. The interactive web map also shows pedestrian projects in the 2040 MTP and a variety of alignments such as the 50 Mile Activity Loop and U.S. Bicycle Route 66.