Metro Planning


MRCOG is home to the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area (AMPA) (PDF).

MRMPO Videos

Watch MRMPO’s videos on What MRMPO does and what the Metropolitan Transportation Plan is.

Metropolitan Transportation Planning

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are required by federal law for all urbanized areas with populations greater than 50,000. MPOs are responsible for carrying out metropolitan transportation plans and programs. The MPO for the AMPA is the Mid-Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MRMPO). The Metropolitan Transportation Board, composed of local elected leaders, sets policy for transportation issues in the urban area.

Activities undertaken by MRMPO that support long range and short range transportation planning include: 

MRMPO’s transportation planning data and forecasts are used by local and state agencies to develop and complete transportation projects. MRMPO uses the information for the urban area to develop a regional 20-year long-range transportation plan, the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), and the short-term Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The MTP and the TIP are the tools for bringing federal transportation funds to the metropolitan area.