Regional Transportation Management Center

ITS stakeholders within the AMPA region have established a Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC) that will serve as a central command facility for regional transportation management. A large building has been acquired located in the heart of the Albuquerque metro area that houses roadway operations agencies, including many of the RTMC stakeholders listed below. The project is sponsored by the NMDOT with support from ITS stakeholders in the AMPA and is in the early stages of occupancy. The primary roadway operators committed to the project include NMDOT ITS, Bernalillo County Public Works, City of Albuquerque Municipal Development, Bernalillo County Sheriff Traffic, and Albuquerque Police Department Traffic.

Benefits of a coordinated RTMC include:

  • Real time alerting of roadway conditions such as traveler information, traffic/incident management, and weather conditions.
  • Co-location/presence for transportation, dispatch, and first responders to coordinate more effectively.
  • Coordinated response among roadway operators and responders on incidents and adverse travel conditions for timely incident response and improved public safety. 
  • Shared utilization of existing ITS infrastructure and deployments among agencies within the AMPA and NMDOT ITS across the State.

RTMC Stakeholders

The list of committed and/or potential stakeholders includes:

  1. Bernalillo, Valencia, and Sandoval Counties
  2. City of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho
  3. Federal Highway Administration
  4. Local law enforcement agencies for Albuquerque, Bernalillo County and Rio Rancho
  5. Mid-Region Council of Governments
  6. New Mexico Department of Transportation
  7. New Mexico Rail Runner Express
  8. New Mexico State Police
  9. Regional Sovereign Nations
  10. Rio Metro Regional Transit District (includes New Mexico Rail Runner Express)
  11. Transit entities including ABQ Ride

Summary presentations on the RTMC

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