Regional Transportation Planning

Meeting, Planning & Working Together

The Rural Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) is a voluntary association of local governments and the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) that provides a forum for members to meet, plan, and work together on issues related to transportation in the middle Rio Grande region.


About the RTPO

It is made up of municipalities, counties, and pueblos in the non-metropolitan portion of the region and acts as the state-required Regional Planning Organization for the area (Torrance, northwest Sandoval and southern Santa Fe Counties). Its membership consists of elected officials and their designated alternates. Federal and state agencies with a responsibility for transportation planning and programs in the region are also represented on this committee in an advisory, non-voting capacity.

New Mexicral Highway


The goals of the RTPO are to provide a regional forum for cooperative decision making about transportation issues and to serve as liaison between the local governments and the New Mexico Department of Transportation. The committee provides policy guidance, project priorities, and technical assistance in the development of transportation plans and programs that affect the RTPO area.

The Mid-Region Council of Governments provides planning, technical, and staff support to the RTPO.