Bernalillo County / Sunport Plan

Bernalillo County / International Sunport Plan

The Bernalillo County / International Sunport Station Area plan (PDF), adopted in November 2009, focuses on the area within a quarter-to-half-mile -- basically, walking distance -- from the station. The area's large parcels of vacant land will provide a center of neighborhood serving retail and employment space, which will be designed to encourage walking to and from the Rail Runner and other transit connections. The plan brings with it an elective alternative zoning classification that allows mixed uses, higher density, and development standards to create a pedestrian environment. The plan also defines specific improvements -- such as pedestrian and bike paths -- that will help the station better serve existing residents and businesses in the Mountain View neighborhood.

The planning effort was a collaborative effort by Bernalillo County and the Mid-Region Council of Governments. MRCOG has actively worked with communities along the Rail Runner corridor to help identify economic and land use opportunities near the Rail Runner station and to plan for infrastructure and policy actions to help achieve the visions for the areas. 


The Bernalillo County / International Sunport Station is located in the Mountain View neighborhood of Bernalillo County's South Valley. The Mountain View neighborhood is characterized by rural residential and industrial uses. The Rio Grande river and large agricultural tracts create one of the most attractive physical settings in the Albuquerque metropolitan area. Vast acres of heavy industry offer employment opportunities and gross receipts for the County, though have resulted in visual and environmental degradation.

In early 2007, the Mid-Region Council of Governments and Bernalillo County began the station area planning efforts. The station area planning efforts were incorporated into the County's on-going Mountain View Sector Development Plan efforts.

In late 2008, the decision was made to develop a separate plan in order to expedite the planning process as well as to allow the additional level of detail needed to achieve the goals of the planning process.

About the Rail Runner

The Rail Runner station is envisioned to be the focal point of a vital new activity center for the South Valley. The center of the community will include a dynamic mix of residential, retail, and employment opportunities, in a safe and attractive environment that encourages people to walk and enjoy the beautiful desert surroundings, unique architecture, and exciting street life. Flex space, research and development, and light industrial, office and other employment space are also envisioned for the area. Additional roadways, bike and pedestrian paths, and crossings will help circulation within the area and will help people get to and from the area from surrounding neighborhoods.

Designed to create an enjoyable and engaging pedestrian experience, these pedestrian and bike facilities will also contribute to public space - areas where people relax, eat lunch, play and attend public events.  

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