Los Lunas Plan

The Village of Los Lunas officially adopted the Los Lunas Rail Runner Express Station Area Plan at their May 7, 2008, Village council meeting. The official Station area plan is designed to help the station and surrounding area to become a destination for both Village residents and visitors to the area.

The plan calls this area to be center for the community and offer a variety of residential and retail offerings as well as public space and community amenities such as parks and bike paths. The plan makes three recommendations to achieve the Village's vision for the station area - which extend roughly 1/2 mile from the station.

Design Standards

Design standards are recommended to ensure that new buildings are pedestrian friendly, promote safety, are of appropriate scale, and create a memorable place. Recommendations for transportation improvements are designed to improve the ease and safety of walking and bicycling in the area while improving traffic circulation. The plan also recommends the adoption of a mixed-use core zone in the area closest to the station - a district that would have a mix of retail and housing and activity throughout the day - and a surrounding residential area which would be a transition area to the surrounding neighborhoods and would provide additional flexibility in residential development.

Circulation Concept Included in the Draft Los Lunas Station Area Plan

Future Land Use

Based on the results of the community outreach process, opportunity sites and a market study, the concept of future land use in the station area includes some retail and commercial uses in the immediate vicinity of the station. Two- to three-story mixed use buildings with residential uses over ground floor retail would create a town center feel consistent with the traditional scale of Los Lunas.

Multi-family and higher density residential will be located in other available areas near the station. The building design of new residential will complement the existing neighborhoods and the principles of TOD. These areas will develop in a way that will encourage walking to the station and the variety of different destination in the station area.

Planning Efforts

The station area plan is the product of an 18-month effort by the Village staff, Village residents, and members of an advisory group that helped steer the effort. The advisory group and the Village planning and zoning commission reviewed the draft plan and recommended that the Village council adopt the plan. The Mid-Region Council of Governments managed the planning effort which was funded by the state.

Plan Goals & Recommendations

The draft plan include land use, open space, housing, economic development, urban design, circulation, and parking goals to help achieve the station area vision.


As one of its primary recommendations, the draft plan proposes two new land districts near the Rail Runner station. The TOD - Mixed Use (TOD-MU) district promotes development types supportive of transit ridership, walking and bicycling. The TOD-MU also allows mixed-use development which combines residential and commercial uses and creates activity throughout the day in order to support local businesses and keep streets safe and attractive.

The TOD - Residential (TOD-R) provides for residential uses that support the TOD-MU, while protecting the character of surrounding residential neighborhoods. This area allows accessory apartments, duplexes, patio homes, and multi-family apartments. Design features are included to contribute to walkability and the area vision.

Key Responsibilities

Both public and private actions will be needed to make the proposed improvements a reality. The plan highlights key projects and responsibilities that will need to occur over the next decade to achieve the station area vision. High priority actions include:

  • Circulation infrastructure, including multi-modal improvements to Courthouse Road and New Mexico State Road 314 in the vicinity of the station
  • Creating a formal development mechanism
  • Formally adopting resolutions, ordinances and policy changes for the mixed use core and residential area
  • Pedestrian and bicycle improvements necessary at the intersection of Courthouse Road and New Mexico State Road 314

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