Publications & Maps for Sale

Where possible, the Mid-Region Council of Governments provides PDF versions of reports, documents, studies, and maps online. Some maps are provided in conjunction with relevant content, for example, the Transportation Improvement Program, the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, local government land-use plans, the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the region.

Some maps and publications are in a format that is not suitable for the web, or they are not available in an electronic format. Hardcopy publications are offered for a fee that covers reproduction cost and government gross receipts tax.

Instructions for Ordering Publications

If you wish to order a document, please email Sagert Sheets. Be sure to indicate the number and name of the document you wish to purchase, along with the price of the document and postage. If you are unsure of the postage cost, please indicate this in your email, and we can help determine postage.

Once you’ve received confirmation from Sagert, please mail your check to the following address:
Mid-Region Council of Governments
809 Copper Avenue NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102 

Once we’ve received your check, we will mail your publication(s) to you. For additional information, contact 505-247-1750.


Hard copies are available upon request with a charge for printed maps. For a list of fees, please email Sagert Sheets.