Member Agencies


Sandoval County
Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque
City of Albuquerque (Administration)
City of Albuquerque (City Council)
Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority
Albuquerque Public Schools
City of Belen
Town of Bernalillo Bernalillo County
Village of Bosque Farms
Village of Corrales
Village of Cuba
Town of Edgewood
Village of Encino
Town of Estancia
Village of Jemez Springs

Pueblo of Laguna
Village of Los Lunas
Los Lunas Public Schools
Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District
City of Moriarty
Town of Mountainair
Town of Peralta
City of Rio Rancho
Rio Rancho Public Schools
Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control
Village of Tijeras
Torrance County
University of New Mexico
Valencia County
Village of Willard

Advisory Members

Kirtland Air Force Base
Federal Highway Administration
New Mexico Department of Transportation
Pueblo of Santa Ana

Associate Members

Valley Improvement Association

(See the MRCOG Board of Directors for appointee names)

Services Provided for Member Agencies

  1. Data & Technical Assistance
  2. Facilities & General Support
  3. Planning Services & Training
  4. Agriculture & Natural Resource
  5. Economic Development
  6. Workforce Development

Socio Economic Data

We offer extensive data on our website including demographic profiles, detailed community characteristics, and small area population and employment forecasts. Data sets include census data, commuting data, land use inventories and building permits. We provide custom services to member governments upon request including population estimates and forecasts, economic data, and land use mapping. We also provide technical assistance to member governments in accessing publicly available data sets and online tools.

Traffic Counts & Safety Analysis

We offer traffic counts at all major roads in Bernalillo, Valencia, Torrance, Sandoval and southern Santa Fe counties. We offer volume, distribution of traffic, vehicle miles traveled, vehicle hours traveled, crash data, bicycle and pedestrian counts, and more.

Transportation Accessibility Model

We provide areas accessible by driving, walking, bicycling and transit based on a given location, time limit, and forecasted or posted speeds. We offer alternative bus route analysis, connectivity analysis, and environmental justice analysis. View more information about our transportation accessibility model.

Travel Demand Forecasts

We provide forecasting using the regional transportation model, which predicts travel demand for autos, public transit, bicycles, and walk trips. Data can be analyzed for peak hour characteristics or to identify trends. We can also provide detailed traffic studies to members to help agencies with transportation decisions.

Geographic Information Systems Mapping

We provide detail mapping data from the region, digital aerial photography, digital or hard copies of maps, and special geographic analyses.

Maps, Publications & Resource Documents

We have hundreds of maps, publications, and resource documents online for free or in print. These maps and publications are often useful for other planning projects in the region and can save agencies money by reducing redundancy in planning efforts.

Pedestrian Composite Index

We offer pedestrian market analysis based on regional indicators.

Contact Information

Contact our office with any questions.