Transitions 2045 MTP Public Outreach

Transitions 2045 LogoMRMPO kicked off public outreach for the MTP update, Transitions 2045, this fall.

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MRMPO hosted a series of public meetings throughout the region in the fall of 2023 to gather initial input on the plan, including on the vision, goals, and transportation needs in the region.

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View a recording of our virtual public kick-off meeting.

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MRMPO staff are happy to present to groups and organizations about the MTP upon request. To inquire about scheduling a presentation, please contact Peach Anderson-Tauzer at or 505-724-3627.

 View presentation boards from the MTP public kick-off meetings:

>>Growth in the Region
>>Active Transportation
>>Travel Demand
>>MRMPO and the MTP
>>Goals, Timeline, Outreach

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Transitions 2045 MTP Public Participation Plan