Planning for Equity

Equity in transportation planning means working to ensure the special needs of all members of a community are met by the transportation system and that no groups are disproportionately burdened or benefited by transportation decisions and investments. It also refers to working to prioritize improvements for communities that have been traditionally underserved. 
MRMPO includes equity considerations in its long-range transportation planning process and outreach methods. For example, MRMPO’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) uses equity criteria in its Project Selection Process to help prioritize projects for federal funding. MRMPO adheres to Environmental Justice and Title VI requirements, and continually looks for ways to further equity consideration in its planning activities and products. 

Transportation Accessibility Analyses

storymap 1MRMPO has worked to expand its technical capabilities regarding equity and developed a variety of analyses that measure accessibility to transit and destinations such as outdoor recreation and health care facilities for low-income and minority populations in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area (AMPA) as part of the Connections 2040 MTP.  
View this online story map for interactive visualizations of these analyses.

Healthy Equity and Air Pollution

storymap 2 Opens in new windowIn this online story map, air pollutant data from the EPA’s EJ Screen 2.0 release is combined with environmental justice population demographics and measures of health vulnerability to visualize the distribution of traffic-related environmental health impacts to help inform actions to support improved and more equitable public health outcomes.

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