Traffic Flow Maps and Busiest Intersections

MRCOG’s earliest traffic flow map dates back to 1968 and these maps have been produced every year since then. These maps show annual average weekday traffic (AWDT) in a pdf format. Additionally, annual vehicle miles traveled (VMT) data for the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area (AMPA) dates back to 1970 and are shown in tabular and graph formats. More recently, MRMPO has provided online interactive maps that allow users to access both current and historical counts data.

Interactive Traffic Flow Maps and Summary Tables

MRMPO provides an interactive online traffic flow map that allows users to zoom in to any regional corridor and see traffic counts for roadways. These maps include ADT and AWDT counts for the latest 10 years of data. To view traffic counts, click on a roadway link. Most links are between two major intersections.

Access the interactive map.

Below are links to the most current traffic flow maps, VMT trends for the AMPA, a top 25 busiest intersections report, and AMPA River Crossing Volumes.

Historic Traffic Flow Maps

Top 25 Busiest Intersections in the Region

View past Top 25 Busiest Intersection information.

  1. Nathan Masek, AICP

    Senior Transportation Planner II, Traffic Counts/Monitoring Manager

  1. Metro Area Traffic shows Steady Recovery from Low Pandemic Levels

    The numbers are out, and we now know that the Covid-19 pandemic had a tremendous impact on travel. The release of the 2021 Traffic Flow Maps show that while most traffic is still below pre-pandemic levels, there are some areas that are exceeding them. Read on...
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Traffic Counting Device
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