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Rio Metro Regional Transit District

RM-Logo-wideThe Rio Metro Regional Transit District is a cohesive regional transit system that provides economical transportation alternatives for the residents of Bernalillo, Sandoval and Valencia counties.  We operate bus and rail service in Belen, Los Lunas, Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Bernalillo and rural areas of Sandoval County.

New Mexico Rail Runner Express

New Mexico Rail Runner Express

In addition to various bus routes, the Rio Metro Regional Transit District oversees the popular New Mexico Rail Runner Express.

Millions of passengers have been served

The commuter service, first launched in 2006, has become increasingly popular for commuters from Belen to Sandoval County, and is spurring new housing around train stations, and also new business.

The New Mexico Rail Runner Express will help meet transportation needs of our rapidly growing metropolitan area. Traffic, and the time it takes you to drive to your destination, is projected to increase dramatically over the next 20 years.

In addition, the Rail Runner is reliable - no more running behind schedule because you are stuck in traffic due to an accident.  The Rail Runner is also convenient -- just think about how much time per week you spend driving to work.

And let's not forget saving money. According to AAA, the commute between Belen and Albuquerque costs automobile commuters about $10,000 annually. Rail Runner can slash these costs considerably.

Board of Directors

The Rio Metro board of directors is responsible for carrying out the functions conferred by the provisions of the state's Regional Transit District Act. These functions include the establishment of a regional transit system that is compatible with established state and local transportation plans; the development of policies and procedures to support the establishment of this system; and the development of a sound financial plan that provides for the capital, operating and maintenance requirements of this system.

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The Board of Directors understands that the regional transit district has a need for public transportation services that address both local and regional needs. In order to provide public transportation services that address these needs and as a means to allow maximum local community input, Service Sector Councils have been formed. These councils will assist in developing service plans, assist in monitoring operational performances, and provide input on local and regional public transportation needs.

The following governmental entities constitute Rio Metro:

  • County of Sandoval
  • County of Bernalillo
  • County of Valencia
  • City of Albuquerque
  • City of Rio Rancho
  • City of Belen
  • Town of Bernalillo
  • Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque
  • Village of Bosque Farms
  • Village of Los Lunas
  • Village if Corrales

More information: 

(505) 245-RAIL (7245)
TTY (505) 247-0757

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