Five Year Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

Five Year Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is a blueprint for growing a regional, local, collaborative economy. It is a living document, adjusted annually and reevaluated fully every five years. The process builds leadership, enhances cooperation, and fosters public ownership and enthusiasm. The 2015 CEDS brought together over 250 diverse stakeholders, public and private, to hash out the keys to economic improvement in this four-county New Mexico region. 

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The US Economic Development Administration (EDA) looks to a region’s CEDS when deciding on strategic investments, and to identify local private sector partners. The MRCOG uses the CEDS process to identify strategic issues and problems that can be addressed with appropriate technical support and resources.  

2015 CEDS


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Focus Areas for the 2015 CEDS:


  1. Demographics
  2. pdfInterim Legislative Jobs Council Work
  3. pdfIngenuity Central
  4. pdfSummary of MRCOG Survey, Living Cities Initiative, Reinventing Our City
  5. pdfResolution from MRCOG Board



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