Energy / Alternative Energy

Energy / Alternative Energy

solar panelWith technology resources from Sandia National Labs and the University and research institutions, the region is well poised to expand its development of alternative energy.  300 days of sunshine, abundant high planes wind, and a renewable portfolio standard that sets targets for alternative energy sources all help to spur interest in this area.  New developments in solar, wind, and biomass are occurring in our region, including developments in energy transmission. There is an opportunity for the region to be a hub for energy technology, assembly and distribution and manufacturing of central components, and deployment of smart grid technology. The region is also poised to be in the forefront of environmental technologies, such as water purification, desalination, and water technology deployment.


  • Support a commercial air, rail and logistics hub in the Albuquerque Metro area to facilitate assembly, manufacturing and interstate commerce of energy system components and environmental technologies.
  • Increase awareness of lending/equity capital by facilitating access to micro lenders, State Investment Council funds, and private equity firms. 
  • Help the existing solar installation industry transition to a non-tax credit based system of installing rooftop solar, which will occur in 2016.
  • Support the use of solar energy in powering schools and municipal facilities in the region, especially in 2017 when tax credits have ended.
  • Support the use of third party finance models to enable the use of environmental technologies to power schools and municipal facilities. 
  • Support the region as a center of excellence for water technologies, desalination and efficiency.
  • Support the export of wind energy and its transmission.


Public Service Co. of NM, Sandia National Labs, UNM Facilities, UNM Engineering, Albuquerque Sunport, APS, Rio Rancho Public Schools, NM Solar Energy Association, Renewable Energy Industries Association, Estancia Valley Economic Development Association


  • Increase in the number of new energy/environmental technology companies.
  • Increase in the number of solar/wind projects coming on-line.
  • Increase the number of environmental technologies deployed in the region.

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