Film / Arts and Entertainment

Film / Arts and Entertainment

dancersPhoto from Keshet Dance Co.The area is rich in cultural and artistic enterprises including filming, digital media, artisan manufacturing, fine arts, culinary arts, fashion, music, toys and games, dance and theater arts. This sector also includes the creative industries which are companies in any of the fields above.


  • Increase funding for economic development marketing to bring awareness of the Albuquerque Metro region. 
  • Support pipeline programs connecting employers with skilled workforce—i.e., health leadership high, ACE High School, Central New Mexico Community College, etc.
  • Continue film incentives that give filming in New Mexico a competitive edge over other states.
  • Support digital media and other spin-off endeavors that support the film industry.
  • Support performing Arts and arts-based incubators.
  • Increase awareness of lending capital by facilitating access to micro lenders, Accion, WESST, NM Loan Fund, La Montanita Coop’s LAM fund, etc.
  • Support convenings between artisans, engineers and business students and professionals to encourage creative start-ups. 

Key Partners: 

Abq Film Office, Popejoy Performing arts, UNM School of Fine Arts, Keshet Ideas and Innovation Center, Creative Startups, InnovateABQ.


  • An increase in the number of film projects in the region.
  • An increase in the number of businesses graduating from performing arts or creative industry incubators.
  • An increase in the baseline economic return from the arts (film, digital media, performing arts, etc).

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