Land Use Planning

MacArthur Park in Estancia
MacArthur Park in Estancia

In New Mexico, the authority to plan and manage land use is vested in local governments. With that authority, municipalities and counties adopt plans and various ordinances that control land use and development in their jurisdictions.

Within MRCOG's planning area, comprehensive and special purpose plans are adopted and updated continuously as communities change and grow. These plans are carried out by administering policies, budgeting financial resources, and enforcing regulations.

The staff of the MRCOG provides professional planning assistance and technical services to local governments, basically as an extension of local government staff. The MRCOG also maintains an active role in education and training programs for local governments. An important responsibility of the MRCOG is to provide a central forum for governments to address planning and development issues of local and regional concern.

Resources for Land Use Planning:

Local Government Plans pdf

Housing in Cuba New Mexico
Housing in Cuba New Mexico

Comprehensive land use plans provide a basis for all other plans; and a principal goal of the MRCOG is to assist local governments in a continuing planning process to ensure a sustainable future for the community.

Regional Land Use

Focus 2050 was developed in 2000 as a framework for planning in the multi-county MRCOG district.  It provides a common vision and vocabulary for regional functional planning for transportation, economic development, water, open space, and housing.

The Mid-Region Council of Governments oversaw the creation of this plan, with special emphasis on maintaining the diverse character and unique needs of each of the communities and areas within the region. Focus 2050:

  • takes a long-term view and provides creative solutions to handle future regional growth;
  • balances complex interrelationships between land use, transportation, water, the economy, and other issues;
  • demonstrates efficiencies and cost savings in utility infrastructure, roads, transit systems, and other facilities;
  • and provides a balance of land uses by communities so there are adequate public revenues to provide services; and
  • ensures policy direction for each of the plan areas will complement and support one another.

The regional plan does not take the place of local planning or regulatory functions. It establishes the regional system characteristics with which local plans should be consistent. Many local issues will not be affected by the regional plan. Additionally, Focus 2050 recognizes the interest of private property owners and to respects private property rights, due process, and just compensation. 

pdf Focus 2050 Regional Plan (2000) 12.98 Mb

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