MRCOG: Land Seekers

Experienced Grower Seeks Partnership Focused on Ag & Youth Development

Reference#: 202

County: Bernalillo

Zip code: 87104

Type of opportunity sought: I currently do NOT have farmland, but I am looking for land to farm.

Specified interest in farming/ranching/animal-raising: I am interested in farming full-time., I am interested in farming as a hobby, or as a part-time job.

Background in farming: I am an experienced farmer or rancher.

Educational/training background: Informal apprenticeship, Other licence/certification/education

Interested in growing/raising: Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs, Poultry/Fowl, Goats/Sheep

Interested in these farming/ranching practices: Organic, Permaculture

Willing to consider the following types of business arrangements: Partnership

Stated interested in some other type of business arrangement: I want to start a program that works with youth. This program would teach skills which will include: gardening, soil management, general permaculture practices, animal husbandry, how to use tools, aquaponics design and maintenance, how to compost and more.

Stated interested in on-site housing: No preference

Business plan and/or market in mind: Yes, I have a business plan or a market in mind.

Other information: I have much work experience: management, handyman, sales, work with at risk youth in Hawaii, customer service and am a knowledgeable gardener and teacher. It is important to offer access to our young people to the skills necessary to grow food and care for our environment. I am looking for a partner(s) in this endeavor.



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