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MRCOG 2017 Annual Report Celebrating Highlights of the Region

dewey caveDewey V. Cave, MRCOG Executive DirectorThere is a lot to be said on the topic of “regional importance.” Just look around our four-county region and you’ll get a good picture of what it means for individual communities to collaboratively address issues of regional importance. This past year was no exception, as our member governments faced various shared challenges together—the collaborative process was alive and well at the Mid-Region Council of Governments!

A few key accomplishments were made in the area of transportation. Together with staff, members have worked diligently to focus on transportation strategies, project development, and the programming of scarce transportation dollars. A new network for federal transit funding has been established, the congestion management plan was updated, and we saw the completion of a pilot bikeshare project for the region.

We can’t broach the subject of regional transportation without talking about the New Mexico Rail Runner Express. It seems that every year, there is another important milestone to highlight. This year, we saw the opening of the long-awaited Zia Road Rail Runner station in Santa Fe, bringing the total number of stations to 15.

Speaking of milestones, a major accomplishment on the economic development front was the results of a year-long study that looked at the viability of positioning our region as the next major global transportation hub. The findings were encouraging, and looked at translating our regional assets into a coordinated economic development strategy.

I would be remiss if I didn’t boast about one of the brightest spots of the past year, and it is one that brings major potential in the area of job growth for our region. The Workforce Connection of Central New Mexico was awarded a four-year, four-million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Labor for an innovative job training program designed to provide IT job seekers in central New Mexico with the skills to quickly advance into well-paying, high-growth jobs. The program is called TechHire New Mexico, and our NM Workforce Connection received one of only 39 grant awards out of 215 nationwide applications.

It is evident in this year’s Annual Report that every challenge has brought with it an opportunity to start a constructive dialogue, create a positive change, or make something better. As you read through the pages, I ask that you keep in mind that these successes and accomplishments were able to happen because of the strong partnerships that have been formed throughout the region.

It is with this kind of collective participation and vision that we are able to go forward and achieve much for the good of the whole. I invite you to join me in looking back and celebrating the many landmarks and highlights of the region that we have reached together—because success for just one of our communities means success for all.


Dewey V. Cave
MRCOG Executive Director

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