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Latest News

2018 Bike to Work Day Survey Results

bike to work 2018 civic plaza 4Each year Albuquerque participates in Bike to Work Day (BTWD), which is meant to raise awareness about commuting by bicycle and serves as a day to encourage people to trade four wheels for two. In recent years, the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) in collaboration with BTWD organizers, developed and distributed a survey to BTWD participants to collect data about bicycling needs, collect general perceptions of bicycling in Albuquerque, and identify specific strategies to make Albuquerque more bicycle friendly. As more data is collected, the survey can gauge changes in perceptions about bicycling in Albuquerque and serve as a reference for future survey data. 

For the third year in a row, there was an overall perception that Albuquerque’s bicycle friendliness was improving. Comments underscored the impact of premium bicycle infrastructure such as protected bike lanes and flex posts among other elements. Also, survey questions helped to identify concerns and barriers for people bicycling and understand specific areas for further outreach at future events.

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Snapshot of Key Findings

2018 BTWD snapshot

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