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Updated Congested Corridor Rankings Released

CCIconEvery two years, the most congested corridors in the metropolitan region are ranked by Mid-Region Metropolitan Planning Organization based on severity of congestion. The newly released 2014 rankings highlight 31 of the area’s most congested corridors. The top ten are shown below.

The document that accompanies the 2014 Corridor Rankings Table: “2014 Corridor Rankings: Findings and Methodology,” is now available. The methodology used to create the 2014 rankings has been adjusted since the 2012 rankings were created and a new travel time data source has been introduced.

Despite revisions to the methodology, Alameda Boulevard remains the most congested corridor in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area. However, certain corridors did shift many places in ranking since 2012. Perhaps not surprisingly, 2014 saw a consolidation of river crossings near the top of the table, with river crossings occupying the top five places in the 2014 congested corridor rankings. More on the results of the analysis and major shifts in rank can be found in the document’s discussion section.

Congested Corridors Top Ten



 pdf2014 Corridor Rankings: Findings and Methodology. The most congested corridors in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area




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