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  • Mark Your Calendars: Discussion with Jim Habana Hafner of Land For Good on September 27
    September 10, 2018
    The Thornburg Foundation and the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) invite you to an interactive discussion with Jim Habana Hafner, Executive Director at Land For Good, on farm and ranch land issues, including:
    • Farm and ranch land access and affordability
    • Farm and ranch succession and tra...
  • Farm to Tap and Hops Growing in the Rio Grande Valley
    November 27, 2017
    With a name like Brewer, he had to be involved in craft beer…at least somehow. In Tom Brewer’s case, the “how” was through production of a key ingredient of the beer making process, hops. I recently visited Tom’s test-plot of Neomexicanus and other standard varieties of hops and was intrigued. Beer...
  • LandLink Bulletin Board
    November 27, 2017
    Check out the new Bulletin Board and post or browse for ag-related services or items for sale, trade or lease! Browse the Bulletin Board
    Visit and share www.LandLinknm.org. We look forward to seeing you on the site.     View this and other stories in the December 2017 issue of Local Food Conne...
  • Cultivating Bernalillo County “Grow the Growers” Farm Training & Business Acceleration Program Update
    September 20, 2017
    Lisa Powell
    Resource Specialist, Bernalillo County Eight full and part-time farm interns/trainees have been hard at work since March. We are nearing the end of our pilot year and looking forward to year two. Grow the Growers is a comprehensive, multi-year farm training and business acceleration prog...
  • LandLink 2.0
    September 20, 2017
    LandLink is a dating site for aggies. No, it’s not Farmers Only or Muddy Matches, it’s a site for lovers of land. The users of LandLink either love to farm and want to find places to carry out their craft OR they are landowners who love their land so much that they want it kept in agriculture produc...
  • Cooperatives
    May 10, 2017
    According to the International Cooperative Alliance, a cooperative (also known as co-operative, co-op, or coop) is an autonomous association of people united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled bus...
  • LandLink Panel and Discussion Yields Valuable Feedback
    April 12, 2017
    Land is necessary for farming. That goes without saying. However, finding the right parcel, in the right area, with the right irrigation, and on land you can access or afford is difficult. Equally challenging on the landowner side is finding a trustworthy tenant farmer. And once the parties find eac...
  • Witnessing a Revolution in Food Choices on College Campuses
    September 2, 2016
    by Merritt Blankenau A new food trend is taking place on college campuses throughout the nation: more sustainable, environmentally-friendly, local, cultural, and lifestyle options in the cafeterias. Sitting next to a student at just about any given school’s dining hall, you will most likely find an...
  • In the Garden of Technology
    July 15, 2016
    Interested in learning about a new way to share information and resources with other local food friends? App developer Charlie Wisoff has created an innovative social media platform that can help you do just that through a collection of community interactions to bring about critical attention and re...
  • Access to Capital through the La Montanita Fund
    June 3, 2016
    Several years ago the La Montanita Coop created a micro-lending program to help small-scale New Mexico farmers, ranchers and local food producers access financial capital they couldn’t get from the bank. This fund, now called the “LAM Fund,” provides loans at affordable rates with great repayment te...
  • Want to supplement your farm income? How about Agritourism?
    June 3, 2016
    If you think your farms are beautiful (and they are) others will too. People traveling today want a more meaningful visitor experience and this does not have to mean an overnight stay. Walking through a farm field, helping to pick tomatoes or chile, packing a box for the farmers’ market, or simply ...
  • Open Letter to Agriculture Land Holders in Bernalillo County
    April 12, 2016
    The Mid-Region Council of Governments has been managing the LandLink program for many years. In April of this year we are sending the following letter to nearly 1000 landholders in Bernalillo County to alert them of the program and ask them to assist in growing our local agricultural production capa...
  • With Squash Blossom, Santa Fe woman aims to make it easy to buy local
    December 4, 2015
    By Tantri Wija
    Reprinted with permission from the Santa Fe New Mexican The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means: errands. Just as the roads get terrible, we all hop into our cars and start whizzing around town, fighting over downtown parking or tromping through slushy parking lots well...
  • Lessons from the Big Easy
    November 2, 2015
    I recently returned from a meeting in New Orleans and came back inspired by the excitement and energy around entrepreneurship, including food entrepreneurs.    Of course the city is marked by Hurricane Katrina in many ways. The pre-Katrina New Orleans had a lagging economy, high unemployment, high ...
  • Investing Like This Locavore Co-op Won’t Leave a Bad Taste in Your Mouth
    September 1, 2015
    by Oscar Perry Abello La Montañita is a local and organic foods consumer cooperative with around 17,000 members and six stores in Albuquerque, Gallup and Santa Fe, New Mexico. “We do about $39 million a year in sales,” says Robin Seydel, director of membership and community relations. Of that, $6....
  • Double Your Food-Buying Power at Local Farmers’ Markets in NM!
    August 20, 2015
    Do you, or someone you know, need help stretching your food dollars? Do you participate in the EBT or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)?  If so, there’s a great way to get FREE food dollars for fresh produce at many New Mexico farmers’ markets! The program is called Double Up Food Bu...
  • Celebrating Local Economies!  A Conversation with Celerah Hewes-Rutledge from Delicious NM on BALLE
    July 6, 2015
    The Agriculture Collaborative (AC) this month spoke to Celerah Hewes-Rutledge from DNM about BALLE, an organization that works to identify and connect pioneering leaders, spread solutions, and attract investment toward local economies.  The lessons are relevant to entrepreneurs across the region, es...
  • Catching up with Water Wonk Adrian Oglesby
    June 5, 2015
    Whiskey may be for drinking but here in the middle valley, water is for growing. And this year we may actually have water thanks to some epic spring rains brought to us care of El Nino. For our local food producers, water is key to economic success. The Ag Collaborative (AC) checked in this month wi...
  • The Street Food Institute is Creating  Community Based Culinary Entrepreneurship
    May 7, 2015
    The Street Food Institute (SFI) is an entrepreneur-focused culinary program dedicated to inspiring the success of small, local businesses in New Mexico. SFI supports the development of small business by growing the state’s local food economy and developing strong future business leaders. SFI trains ...
  • Easier Way to Connect: LandLink Relaunch
    May 7, 2015
    We are proud to announce the new Central New Mexico LandLink website! More user friendly, collaborative and statewide! You can visit the new site at www.landlinknm.org.  New Mexico LandLink is for people seeking agricultural and local food resources, such as: land for agricultural use, agricultura...
  • It's Market Season!
    May 7, 2015
    The Spring Markets have been open for several weeks now, and with so much rain the past couple of days the tents are sure to be filled with amazing produce and products. The markets are a truly unique and wonderful tool to build both local food economies, and authentic communities. One of the strug...
  • Big Plans for the Mixing Bowl Kitchen
    April 13, 2015
    All the right ingredients for starting a food business can be found at the Mixing Bowl Kitchen. Located within the South Valley Economic Development Center (SVEDC) at 318 Isleta Blvd. SW Albuquerque. The 3200 sq ft commercial kitchen has been the birthplace of numerous food businesses since 2005. T...
  • Tending the Roots of Our Local Food Dreams
    March 2, 2015
    To all you local food dreamers, good news: long time efforts to strengthen the local food system and increase access to fresh, locally produced food are showing tangible results. New commercial kitchens are popping up around the state. Culinary entrepreneurship opportunities for young people are exp...
  • LandLink to Relaunch New Website
    February 9, 2015
    We are proud to announce that Central New Mexico LandLink is on its way to becoming:
    • more user friendly
    • collaborative and
    • statewide!
    Pardon our dust What changes are we making to achieve those goals?

    First, we are creating a new website based on some really successful models from fellow La...
  • Agriculture Collaborative Interns
    August 20, 2014
    At the Agriculture Collaborative, we have been blessed with phenomenal interns. We would like to take a moment to recognize some of our current and past interns:  Shade Brusuelas (Summer 2014), Sarah Shaw (2013-2014), Erin Jackson, (2013), and Erin Callahan (Fall 2012).These generous people have sha...
  • Feb 2014--New Farming Cooperatives
    January 23, 2014
    Organic Farming Gains Momentum Among Traditional Bernalillo County Communities
    Contributed by Arturo Sandoval of CODECE
    Three new organic farming cooperatives will begin operations this spring in Albuquerque’s South Valley. With technical assistance from the Cooperative Development Center ...
  • Dec 2013--Local Food News
    December 2, 2013
    Expanded descriptions of Local Food Happenings Inspire NM Youth! Ag Professionals Needed for Career Day
    The New Mexico Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA Project) is organizing a spring career day for NM middle school students. They need "Career Day" professionals to participate, especially...
  • Dec 2013--NM Food Hubs
    December 2, 2013
    One Community at a Time:  A New Mexico Network of Food Hubs If you attended the November "State of Local Food" Ag Collaborative Meeting, you may remember hearing from Sayrah Namaste about recent additions to New Mexico's growing collection of food hubs. Sayrah is the Co-Director of the American F...
  • Beginning Farmer Seeking Land for Teaching Farm
    November 6, 2013
    Reference#:  209 City:  Albuquerque Zip code:  87106 Type of opportunity sought:  I currently do NOT have farmland, but I am looking for land to farm. I am a new farmer and would like technical assistance from a more experienced farmer. Specified interest in farming/ranching/animal-raising:  I a...
  • Follow Up:  Beyond School Gardens, 7/2013
    August 7, 2013

  • Aug 2013--Weathering Drought in NM
    August 2, 2013

    Despite a few recent scattered thunderstorms, New Mexico continues to forge into uncharted territory in terms of drought and reduced water flow. Farmers and ranchers are trying to find ways to weather this extended drought and sustain their operations.
    Though you can't completely "drought proof" ...
  • Jobs in Local Food--June 2013
    June 3, 2013
    CLOSED:  Rio Grande Community Farm AmeriCorps farm intern positions have been filled for the season. Please check back in March.
    CLOSED:  Green Tractor Farm positions have been filled for the season. Check back next year. 
    CLOSED:  The French Intensive small farm paid, seasonal internship with ...
  • May 2013 Special School Gardens Update
    April 29, 2013
    News on Local Food in APS
    The last Ag Collaborative meeting, "Farm to School Part 1:  Selling to APS," helped local growers understand the process to begin selling to Albuquerque Public Schools. Steven Carleton and his colleagues answered a lot of great questions, and shared handouts to guide entre...
  • May 2013 Inspiration Garden Project
    April 29, 2013
    The Inspiration Garden:  A Family Affair Some of you might have noticed the little plot surrounded by railroad ties, just next to the steps into the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) where the Ag Collaborative and our monthly meetings are housed. That, my friends, is our "Inspiration Garden...
  • May 2013 Reports from the Classroom
    April 29, 2013
    Telling Stories by Jessica Rowland, Lecturer & Education Support Coordinator, UNM Sustainability Studies Program Everyone loves stories. Remember being a child and begging for just one more bedtime story? Well, at UNM, one of our goals is to encourage students to craft meaningful stories. From t...
  • May 2013 Feature Article
    April 29, 2013
    Sol Harvest Farm:  The greens behind Farm & Table
      Photo courtesy of Milou Andolin. Farmer Ric & Aimee in the greenhouse (2012). Albuquerque Academy student volunteers helping on the farm (2013). Intern, Maria Sandoval, at the wash station (2013).   It's been just over a year now since...
  • Farm to School Support & Other School Funding
    March 7, 2013
    03/07/2013 DUE 3/28/13: Farm to School Education Support Once again, Farm to Table has been funded to help other groups develop their farm to school programs. These programs aim to further a student's curiosity in the world of horticulture and agriculture, and building the connection that eating m...
  • March 2013--Reports from the Classroom
    March 1, 2013
    Reports from the Classroom:  Beyond Pesticides
    by Jessica Rowland, Lecturer & Education Support Coordinator
    The UNM Sustainability Studies Program and La Montanita Food Co-op are collaborating with Beyond Pesticides, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit, to organize and faci...
  • March 2013--Feature Article
    March 1, 2013
    Bandelier Elementary School: "Before & After" Shots of the Garden
    Growing School Gardens, One Patch at a Time
    by Nissa Patterson, Growing Gardens Team
    Next time you're at a stoplight near an Albuquerque school, take a good look at the school's landscape. Are there negl...
  • Experienced Grower Seeks Partnership Focused on Ag & Youth Development
    February 13, 2013
    Reference#: 202 County: Bernalillo Zip code: 87104 Type of opportunity sought: I currently do NOT have farmland, but I am looking for land to farm. Specified interest in farming/ranching/animal-raising: I am interested in farming full-time., I am interested in farming as a hobby, or as a part-ti...
  • Website on a Shoestring
    February 13, 2013
    The Agriculture Collaborate hosted a meeting on February 13, 2013 called Website on a Shoestring.  Local farmers and growers learned how to use free tools to market their products to customers.  Below are links and helpful resources for participants. Tools: Site creation:  Google Sites Image edit...
  • Feb. 2013 Donations List for Kirtland Elementary's	 Garden
    January 31, 2013
    Friday, March 29, 2013 is the donation deadline for the Eagle's Nest Garden Project at Kirtland Elementary School.The Eagle's Nest Garden Project is an experiential learning program at Kirtland ES in which the school community learns about health, science, math, and language arts through the lens of...
  • Feb. 2013 Reports from the Classroom
    January 31, 2013
    Co-ops Rock Practicum
    by Jessica Rowland, Lecturer & Education Support Coordinator
    The spring semester has just begun at UNM, and theSustainability Studies students are already hard at work! There is an exciting and relevant new course being offered in our program: Maggie Seeley'sC...
  • Feb. 2013 Feature Article
    January 31, 2013
    So a Turtle Walks into a Coop... A LandLink Success Story by Mona Angel, Laughing Turtle Farms | Fairfield Farm & Market Fairfield Farm & Market
    Fairfled Farm & Market is a start-up, farmer-owned cooperative. We arevery proud of our fledgling coop.Our goal is to get fresh, local produce to ...
  • Mini Farms for NM Kids--Pitch in to help bring this project to life!
    December 7, 2012
    Going Beyond Organic with Backyard and Schoolyard Farms A Kickstarter Project that Brings a Mini-Farm to Your School (12/4/2012) From Tierra Lucero... "Farmer Bob" through Tierra Lucero, a Taos-based non-profit organization, recently launched a Kickstarter project that, when funded, will provid...
  • UNM Sustainability Studies Course:  Flagship Farm
    August 1, 2012
    Cross-listed course: "Flagship Farm" - Imagine the day when UNM has a 2-10 acre organic, four-season urban farm to serve campus and neighborhoods -- big enough to feed the Lobo football team! Join this 3-credit class to organize stakeholders, assess sites, evaluate other campus farms, get the big pi...
  • 40 Acres Available for Crop-Share or Lease in Santa Fe County
    July 28, 2012
    Reference #: 148 County: Santa Fe Vision/Details:I currently own farmland and wish to lease it to a farmer.We are open to different ideas, i.e. crop sharing or leasing. Land-Use History:Land is pristine, hasn't been farmed before. Soil & Water:Good soil in need of fertilization. No prior farming...
  • New Annual Event:  Sunflower Festival in Peña Blanca!
    July 18, 2012
    New Mexico's newest agricultural festival is coming in August. The Peña Blanca Sunflower Project will host its first Sunflower Festival on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 25-26, at the community center on NM 22 in Peña Blanca. "Since the [2011] Las Conchas Fire destroyed Dixon Orchards, we decided to o...
  • Youth Gardening Project:  Jr. Master's Gardening Program (El Prado)
    June 25, 2012
    Jr. Master's Gardening Program Lettuce Grow Farms & Educational Center El Prado, NM This program is committed to helping young people become good gardeners and citizens
    so they can make a positive contribution to the community farm and family.

    This is a youth gardening project that teaches horticul...
  • Book Release:  The Home Farming Revolution
    May 3, 2012
    Surprisingly enough, The Home Farming Revolution for Drylands, recently released by Zoe Wilcox and Melanie Rubin, had its origins at a MRCOG gathering. In March 2009, MRCOG held its monthly Agricultural Collaborative meeting. Zoe was in attendance, hoping to advertise the season's classes for her de...
  • New CSA:  Sol Harvest Farms
    April 30, 2012
    Sol Harvest Farms in the North Valley is offering a CSA subscription for a weekly harvest box of produce from the farm. Each harvest box will feature 7-9 seasonal items. Pick-up starts May 2nd and continues each Wednesday from 1-7pm at the Farm Stand (8917 4th Street NW, north of Paseo del Norte). S...
  • USDA Releases Food Hub Resource Guide
    April 25, 2012
    Article via National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition April 24th, 2012 Last Friday, April 20th, Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan announced the launch of USDA's online food hub resource guide. Food hubs, which can concentrate multiple producers' processing, distribution, and marketing efforts at...
  • 4th Annual UNM Sustainability Expo and LOBO Grower's Market
    April 9, 2012
    Be local, be Lobo. Come celebrate Earth Day at the University of New Mexico's 4th Annual Sustainability Expo and LOBO Growers' Market! This event will be held on Cornell Mall(just east of the Student Union Building) on Thursday, April 19th from 10 am to 2 pm. The LOBO Growers' Market will feature ...
  • U-Snip-It or U-Plant-It Living Gourmet Lettuce
    March 2, 2012
    Red Tractor Farm and Rio Valley Greenhouse have collaborated to bring you a local pesticide free source of spring baby lettuce greens. The greens are a combination over 15 varieties of red and green lettuces including; Red Sails, Rouge De Hiver, Freckles Romaine, Lolla Rossa and Oak leaf, Bibb, Mus...
  • The Birth of a New Farm
    March 1, 2012
    By Monte Skarsgard From theJanuary 30-February 3, 2012 edition of the Skarsgard Farms newsletter
    This last fall I took some time to do a pretty honest as-sessment of the state of our farm. Reflect back at where we have been over the years. And then refine a vision for the future. The first thing ...
  • Food Safety/Traceability Workshops Around NM
    February 8, 2012
    New Mexico Department of AgricultureInvites You to Food Safety/Traceability Workshops When Time: 1:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Where *Tuesday, February 28 , 2012 New Mexico State University Center, Room 202 4501 Indian School Road, NE Albuquerque, NM 87110 (505) 889-9921 ...
  • Village of Corrales Collaborates with Intel Employees to Build and Test Small-scale Composting
    February 7, 2012
    Village of Corrales Collaborates with Intel Employeesto Build and Test Small-scale Composting in Corrales Corrales Parks and Recreation Department to Use the Compost The Village of Corrales has collaborated with a team of 15 Intel employees to build and test the feasibility of small scale composti...
  • Valencia County Matanza Is Back On
    January 6, 2012
    Valencia County Matanza Is Back On -USDA '˜top guy' gives annual event a pass, chamber official says By Julia Dendinger, Valencia County News-Bulletin

    BELEN - What organizers call the world's largest matanza is back on track in Valencia County.

    But when and where is still up in the air.

    This year's ...
  • "Saving the Ranch" by Donna Wells
    November 2, 2011
    Saving the Ranch By Donna Wells - Development Director, New Mexico Land Conservancy
    "New Mexico Department of Agriculture Secretary Jeff Witte speaks with forum attendees after the morning session."
    New Mexico farmers and ranchers who attended the day-long Agricultural Lands Conservation Foru...
  • TRANSITION UNM - Making a Difference: Creating A Sustainable Campus
    November 1, 2011
    The Transition Movement comes to UNM TRANSITION UNM -Making a Difference: Creating A Sustainable Campus November 5, 2011,5:00 -- 8:00pm Peace & Justice Center, Harvard & Silver S.E., Albuquerque What: Pot luck, music & getting to know your neighbors. Every person has the capacity to live in h...
  • Building Farmers in the West / Farmers Teaching Farmers
    October 11, 2011
    Building Farmers in the West / Farmers Teaching Farmers - Via Farm to Table Save the dates! 8 Tuesday Sessions in Espanola Nov 15, 2011 to Jan 17, 2012 This program is sponsored by: Farm To Table - A regional Partnership to build community and share knowledge among farmers and support sustainabl...
  • A Visit to the UNM Lobo Gardens - Growing Food, Students and Community
    September 13, 2011
    A Visit to the UNM Lobo Gardens - Growing Food, Students and Community:Join us for this exciting opportunity to see what's growing on the UNM Campus. We will visit two campus gardens where you will get to hear allabout the UNM Lobo Gardens program from Andrew Marcum, the current Lobo Gardens instruc...
  • One in Four Households with Children in New Mexico Reporting Food Hardship
    August 15, 2011
    This just in from the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC): More than 28% percent of households with children in New Mexico reported they suffered from "food hardship" (an inability to afford enough food) in 2009-2010. '¢In 2009-2010, 28.3 percent of households with children in New Mexico said ...
  • Earth Care Seeks Two Americorps Educators
    August 4, 2011
    Earth Care is still looking for two educators for our outreach and garden-based programs (detailed below). They are both AmeriCorps positions that offer a living stipend and educational award. If you know of a dynamic young person (between ages 22-35) with teaching experience who you think might be ...
  • People's Garden Grant Program
    July 28, 2011
    The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) is pleased to announce the release of the FY 2011 Request for Applications (RFA) for the People's Garden Grant Program (PPGP). The program is designed to facilitate the creation of produce, recreation, and/or wildlife gardens in urban and rural a...
  • Kids Cooking Camp at the Taos Food Center
    July 20, 2011
    TCEDC and WoogabooPresent: Kids Cooking Camp Sessions: August 1-5:Grades 6-9 August 8-12: Grades 3-5 Camp is from 9 am-3 pm Cooking Class is at the Taos Food Center (9am-1pm) Followed by an afternoon field trip to local gardens, ranches and more. (1 pm-3 pm) Featured Chefs: Leslie Fay-Gr...
  • On the Road with UNM's Summer Foodshed Field School
    July 6, 2011
    UNM students will showcase five original media pieces and lead a brief panel discussion regarding research projects they developed during their month studying New Mexico's food systems. Join us for this special opportunity to gain insight into the state's flourishing foodshed!
    A diverse group ...
  • Bees Make Life Sweet - Celebrating New Mexico Pollinator Week
    June 16, 2011
    WHAT: Pollinator awareness event WHERE: Open Space Visitor Center | 6500 Coors Blvd NW at the end of Bosque Meadows Rd. between Montaño and Paseo del Norte WHEN: June 26 | 11:00 AM -- 4:00 PM FEE: FREE CONTACT: Jodi Hedderig | Parks & Recreation Dept., Open Space Division | 505-897-8831 | jhedd...
  • No Kid Hungry Summer Kick-Off
    June 15, 2011
    Please join th New Mexico Collaboration to End Hunger, in partnership with the USDA and CYFD, at a community event to announce summer food activities to reduce child hunger in New Mexico. Friday, June 24, 2011 at 11:00am Thomas Bell Community Center - 3001 University SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106 RSV...
  • Co-ops 101 - Get the Low-Down on How to Start a Cooperative
    June 3, 2011
    Co-ops 101 - Get the Low-Down on How to Start a Cooperative (For Farmers, Value-Added Producers, Composters and More!) Do you want to know more about cooperatives? Have you thought of starting one but aren't really sure where to begin? Susann Mikkelson, the Director of the Southwest Cooperative Dev...
  • Catching a Swarm for a Top Bar Hive
    June 2, 2011
    - Article by Jen Prosser of Sunstone Farm and Learning Center Catching a swarm of bees is one of the most exciting things I've done. Not that it takes daring or any dramatic feat (no climbing trees or scaling rooftops for me). It's just exciting. In the way seeing one of my goats give birth is ex...
  • Rio Grande Community Farm Music at the Farm - Mala Mana
    June 2, 2011
    Rio Grande Commnity Farm hosts the 2011 Summer Concert Series: Music at the Farm DATE: August 10th TIME: 7-9 pm PRICE: $10.00 Adults $3.00 Children 3-12 Showcasing Local Musicians!!! Wed. August 10th: Mala Maña - Global Rhythms, Drums & Vocal Cumbia Bring a picnic & blanket or chairs. ...
  • Hays Honey Farm Annual Beekeeping Seminar
    May 9, 2011
    Next weekend is one of Albuquerque's local beekeeping traditions -- all-day seminar and potluck at Hays Honey Farm. Time: May 14, 2011 from 9am to 6pm
    Location: Hays Honey & Apple Farm
    Organized By: Ken Hays Event Description:
    On Saturday May 14th 2011 the Hays Honey & Apple Farm will be hosting thei...
  • Lora's New Mexican Polenta Bake
    May 1, 2011
    Note: I used all local or homegrown ingredients, with the exception of the polenta. You can make your own solid polenta by making soft polenta first, placing the soft polenta (like a porridge) in a bread pan and cooling fully in the fridge so that it solidifies. I've done this with standard yellow ...
  • Erda Gardens CSA (Albuquerque)
    April 7, 2011
    Erda Gardens is a non-profit, biodynamic farm and CSA in Albuquerque's South Valley. Visit us at http://www.erdagardens.org/ orhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Erda-Gardens-and-Learning-Center/121193651278847 Membership Structure and CSA Info A brochure with the current membership structure has bee...
  • Urban Ungulates - A Review of Backyard Livestock Zoning Regulations in the Albuquerque Metro Area
    March 29, 2011
    Ranchers across the western U.S. navigate a complex land tenure system comprised of deeded, privately leased, state, and federal lands for grazing. And, as such, their management decisions are shaped by the property rights and regulations associated with each land type. Similarly, backyard farmers ...
  • Regional Food Hubs Face a Growing Need for Technology
    March 24, 2011
    Link to the original article HERE. The locavores are swarming and the popularity of local food is increasing across the nation. The number of farmer's markets has more than tripled since the USDA started tracking these numbers in 1994 - increasing from 1,755 to 6,132. In 2010, direct sales from far...
  • Food, Freedom and Authority: Notes from a Lecture Given by Mark Winne, written by Ellen LaPenna
    March 4, 2011
    Mark Winne has been a community food activist and writer for over 40 years. On February 7th, he gave a talk at the UNM School of Architecture and Planning where he introduced his new book, Food Rebels, Guerrilla Gardeners, and Smart Cookin' Mamas: Fighting Back in an Age of Industrial Agriculture. T...
  • Genetically Engineered (GE) Alfalfa: Why You Should Be Paying Attention
    February 8, 2011
    What's the deal with "GE alfalfa?" Well, around 80% of U.S. alfalfa is currently grown without pesticides. But GE alfalfa (also called "Roundup Ready" alfalfa), has been engineered to resist Roundup, an herbicide produced by Monsanto, which leads to increased dependency on chemical companies, increa...
  • It's Time for Preserving!!!
    September 1, 2010
    This is the time for making the most of your harvest, or of the harvest of other local growers, by preserving summer's bounty so that winter can be just as abundant. There are a number of ways you can preserve veggies, fruits, herbs, dairy products and meat, with very little time and energy. Includ...
  • Stretching Your Local Food Dollars
    June 28, 2010
    You won't find coupons for local food in the Sunday paper or weekly coupon mailings, but there are other ways to eat local and save money.  Whether you shop at a farmers' market or local grocery store, here are 6 simple ways to stretch you local food dollars. Buy when in season, preserve for when i...
  • Eating Well (and Local) to Age Well
    April 28, 2010
    Seniors working on a gardening project at the Center for Ageless Living in Los Lunas, NM.
    The Center for Ageless Living in Los Lunas has a motto that you have to "eat well to age well." This view is reflected in the Center's local food related programs, including a community garden and a local ...
  • Practice Patience: Start from Seed
    March 25, 2010
    This time of year you'll find me in the garden staring at the ground.  To the casual observer it would seem as though I was looking at bare soil, but I'm scanning diligently for a slight bulge in the surface or a tiny sprout breaking through towards the sun.  I then check soil moisture and temperatu...
  • Get Down and Dirty with the Master Composter Program
    December 16, 2009
    Dirt, worms, microbes, Oh my! You've probably heard of the Master Gardener program, but did you know that Bernalillo County will soon have a Master Composter program? Our region's program is now one of over 500 Master Composter training programs offered nationwide. To learn more, we talked with Jo...
  • Fantastic Fungi
    December 1, 2009
    Oyster mushrooms grown by Exotic Edibles of Edgewood, NM.
    When you think of the word farm, it's doubtful that the image of a damp dim place lacking in photosynthesis comes to mind but it should, as mushrooms are a very important specialty crop in today's market. For example, the 2008-09 U.S. m...
  • Climate Change and Agriculture
    July 20, 2009
     Will we be growing citrus fruit in central New Mexico? Global warming, climate change, climate variability, whatever you call it, it all means one thing--the climate and the environment are being altered due to anthropogenic (human-caused) forces.   So what does this mean for New Mexico farmers?  ...
  • Farming Interns: Host or Be One
    March 20, 2009
    Many small and medium sized farms need extra help during the busy growing season, but labor cost are often an issue.  Also, there are many young and aspiring farmers who want to gain more experience or knowledge, but there is limited formal training.   Farm internship programs can offer a great solu...
  • Digging Community Gardens
    January 22, 2009
    Community gardens are being cultivated nationwide in a way that is reminiscent of the Victory Garden era of the 1940's.  Although current levels of production are not as prevalent, the interest in community food production is definitely there!  This was evident at January's Agriculture Collaborativ...
  • The Importance of Seed Saving
    October 16, 2008
    Santa Fe Red Sorghum seedheads, grown in Albuquerque.
    It's a warm day in January and you have a cup of hot tea in one hand and a seed catalog in the other. As you select this year's assortment of seeds, you dream of the endless possibilities for the upcoming growing seasons. Really, what cou...
  • McCall's Pumpkin Patch: A Success in Agri-tourism
    October 14, 2008
    McCall Land & Cattle Company is a visible landmark along Interstate 40 in Moriarty, NM.  Driving by you'll first notice the towering "goat bridge" and a variety of barns backdropped with fields of corn, oats and alfalfa.  Take a closer look however and you'll find so much more!    ...
  • An Edible Landscape Near Downtown Albuquerque
    September 22, 2008
    Sandra Pederson shows off her edible landscape at her 5th Street home near downtown Albuquerque.
    Landscaping can be used not only to beautify the urban environment, but also as a source of food. Edible landscaping is increasing in popularity as urban dwellers look for new ways to grow food whil...
  • Plant now to eat fresh this winter
    September 16, 2008
    Get those cold weather crops in the ground, such as kale, garlic, onions and other "roots and leaves".
    It's prime time to plant native grasses, trees, and flowering perennials, and its also a great time to plan and plant your fall and winter vegetable gardens.  You can eat fresh year round by g...
  • Rio Grande Community Farm Delivers Local Produce to APS
    August 22, 2008
    State Senator Dede Feldman joins members of RGCF as they celebrate the delivery of local tomatoes to APS.
    Last week 5 flats of tomatoes were delivered to the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Central Kitchen loading dock. Now this may not sound like groundbreaking news, given that APS is the lar...
  • Meet the Grower: Chuck O'Herron-Alex
    July 21, 2008
    Chuck O'Herron-Alex is in the business of helping others grow their very own food. Whether you have a half acre property or a small balcony off your downtown loft, Veggiegrower Gardens of New Mexico, can get you growing your own fresh foods. Chuck specializes in selling handmade micro-intensive gar...
  • Backyard Gardens
    July 18, 2008
    Backyard Gardens Fun for the Whole Family  As food prices rise are people changing their behavior? Is expensive food prompting veggie lovers to grow their own? One Albuquerque resident and 2008 Local Food Festival participant says "yes!"
  • Serving Local on Your Menu
    July 11, 2008
    Calling all chefs, caterers, and food service providers: Have you considered going local?  By serving locally grown foods on your menu you can enter the local food niche market while serving up some of the best and freshest foods around.  It's not only good for your business and your customers, but ...
  • Meet the Grower: The Fig Man of New Mexico
    April 29, 2008
    How do you eat your figs?  Most Americans eat dried figs or fig cookies, but have never had the pleasure of eating a fresh ripe fig directly from the tree.  This joy of fresh fig eating however is not limited to those living in the tropics or the Mediterranean- but can be experienced right here in N...
  • Tips for Berry Production in the Middle Rio Grande
    March 30, 2008
    Sanchez Farms County Open Space in the South Valley near Albuquerque recently hosted a berry workshop.  Approximately 50 participants turned out for the hands-on education, and got their hands dirty planting two 100- foot rows of blackberries and raspberries.  Dr. Ron Walser lead the workshop.  Wal...
  • Create Your Own Local Food Challenge
    February 21, 2008
    Eating locally grown foods is a popular trend, and many people are taking local food challenges in an effort to see just how much of their diet can in fact be locally grown.  Some people aim to eat everything local for one whole year, while others try to eat at least one local item each day.  Some d...
  • Effort to Promote Local Food Recognized
    February 20, 2008
    Randy Burge, columnist for the Albuquerque Tribune recently acknowledged the effort underway to promote local food, and encourage and support local farmers.   The article discusses local farms, growers' markets, and restaurants choosing to offer locally-grown products. He writes:
  • King Corn
    January 28, 2008
    by Chuck Wellborn   Where'd You Get That? Remember how Mom would see you putting something in your mouth that she didn't give you and say that? She wanted to know where it came from. Maybe moms should be saying that more these days, and maybe kids should be asking their moms the same thing. Ther...
  • What's in Season? Eating Local During the Winter Months
    January 18, 2008
    Local fresh produce and other local foods are available year-round in central New Mexico, even in the cold winter months. Eating with the seasons is a way to take advantage of what is produced locally for our climate. There are many benefits when we choose to eat local seasonal produce over food th...
  • Why Local Food?
    January 3, 2008
    By Chuck Wellborn A lot has been said lately, both in the news and in books by Michael Pollan (The Omnivore's Dilemma) and Alice Waters (The Art of Simple Food) about the joys and rewards of eating locally-produced food. At the same time, the Mid Region Council of Governments has been hosting meeti...



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