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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase my profits? 
There are a variety of options for increasing profits, ranging from specialty crops to agritourism. Find out how to increase your profits here. Also, if you are selling at a farmers market, the New Mexico Farmers Marketing Association has some great tips for increasing your sales. 

How do I sell at a farmers market?
The best way to sell at a farmers market is to find one near you and contact the market manager. The market manager can give you more information about their market as well as an application form.  If there are a variety of markets in your area, visit each one to find the market/s that fit your schedule and business needs. 

Besides farmers markets, what other options exist for selling and distributing my products? 
There are a variety of other options for selling produce, meats, cheeses, and other agricultural goods.  Learn more here.

What options for irrigation are available to me? 
Given the arid climate of New Mexico, irrigation is required for most agricultural crops. Irrigation of farmland in our region is largely dependent on surface water diverted from the Rio Grande, with some irrigation occuring from groundwater wells. Learn more about irrigation options here. 

How can I conserve water?
Whether you use surface or ground water, a variety of irrigation conservation measures can be adopted. Learn more about water conservation. 

How can I preserve my farmland to ensure that it always stays in agriculture?
Just as water is a limited resource in our region, so too are agricultural lands.  Once developed for housing or commercial use, agricultural lands are difficult to reclaim, making preservation a top priority.

How do I find an intern to work on my farm?
Whether you are interested in passing on your farming knowledge, or need a source for seasonal labor, farm interns are a great option. Learn more about hosting farm interns here. 

Should I market my farm or products online?
Absolutely. Even if you don't intend to sell your agricultural products online, having an online pressence for your business is great advertising and can increase your market potential.   It's easier and cheaper than you may think - learn more about web marketing here.

What resources are available to me?
The Agriculture Collaborative hosts monthly meetings on a variety of topics, many of which are of interest to crop and livestock producers. Sign up today for our e-newsletter and learn about upcoming meetings and workshops or view our past meeting topics online. Our Local Food Blog and our Events Calendar can help keep you up to date on what is happening locally and nationally with local foods and agriculture. Be sure to also see the farmer and rancher resource listing.





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