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Commit to Being Counted

makeadifference_300x250 New Mexico is a wonderful place to live-- our terrain spans mountain peaks, jagged canyons, wide open mesa and winding rivers.  Our people are also diverse, and all of us have come to this beautiful land over time to contribute to a rich cultural and ethnic landscape.

And, each one of us has something very important in common.

We will receive a 2010 Census questionnaire in the mail, most likely in March. Filling out the census form is absolutely critical for New Mexicans, as New Mexico ranks #1 among the "hard to count" populations by state, according to the Census Bureau. Being a "hard to count" state led to a large undercount in 2000, which means lost opportunities for our people. You see, the 2010 Census determines, among many things, the level of federal assistance we receive for federal programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, funding for transportation, hospitals and more.

Need more information? Visit the Census 2010 website where you can view (but not fill out) the census form online, watch videos, and read details on how the census affects our region, state, and nation.

Make sure you receive a census form, make sure you fill it out, and spread the word to your friends and neighbors. Stand up and be counted!



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