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Easier Way to Connect: LandLink Relaunch

landlink logoWe are proud to announce the new Central New Mexico LandLink website! More user friendly, collaborative and statewide!

You can visit the new site at

New Mexico LandLink is for people seeking agricultural and local food resources, such as: land for agricultural use, agricultural work or learning opportunities, or agricultural apprentices, interns, or employees.

Why Do We Need LandLink?

Without a doubt there is a growing market for local food in our state; however, New Mexico faces many challenges in meeting this demand – including an aging farmer and rancher population, loss of agricultural land, and soaring land values. Now is the time to create a plan for the future of agriculture in our region. Approximately thirty established land linking programs across the country have similar goals but offer services to meet localized needs. A number of regional partners have provided input on creation of this site and about the best ways to facilitate land linking for New Mexico. LandLink New Mexico seeks to link agricultural landowners and existing farm and ranch operators with the next generation of farm and ranch land stewards.

How Can This Program Help Me?  How Can I Help?

It is our goal to get the next generation of farmers and ranchers onto the land with the support they need to succeed! Support us by getting the word out about LandLink NM. Any feedback, or resources you feel we should know about? Please send them along. Help us make this a valuable resource and tool for our growing agricultural communities.

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