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Open Letter to Agriculture Land Holders in Bernalillo County

farmingThe Mid-Region Council of Governments has been managing the LandLink program for many years. In April of this year we are sending the following letter to nearly 1000 landholders in Bernalillo County to alert them of the program and ask them to assist in growing our local agricultural production capacity. If you know of someone who might be interested in the program, please forward our letter.


April 6, 2016

Dear Property Owner,

I am writing this letter because you claim an Agriculture Exemption on your County Property taxes. If you no longer farm your property but want to keep your land in agricultural production, you may be interested in the New Mexico LandLink program. New Mexico LandLink allows you to share or lease your property for farming purposes allowing you to keep your Agriculture Exception and see your property take on new life through others.

As you may know, with the average age of farmers being close to 60 years old, the agriculture sector is facing a real labor crisis. Fortunately we are seeing a strong interest in farming by young people and displaced workers wanting a career change. A new generation of farmers is returning to the land for many reasons; however, barriers still exist. The biggest among them is the inability to find affordable land for agriculture use. New Mexico LandLink hopes to address this barrier. 

Buying local food is a trend nationally and local agriculture producers in Albuquerque are seeing a spike in demand as well. One Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) operation selling weekly boxes of produce has tripled its clientele in three years (now serving 2000 families). The local natural food store, La Montanita Co-op, selling local and organic products, has seen sales climb beyond $1 million and memberships rise from 3,000 ten years ago to 8,000 today. And, the area’s Farmers Markets are thriving. Unfortunately, despite the rich land resources we have in this region, the supply of local food is limited by the small number of producers still farming. We are hoping to reverse that trend through LandLink.    

Would you be interested in mentoring a new farmer or one wanting to expand his/her farming operation? Or, are you interested in listing your property on the LandLink site as the venue for new farm businesses? Much like online classified ads, you would be in charge of listing everything you are wanting and your listing would be viewed by local agriculture producers hoping to find viable farmland.      

Participation is easy and free of charge. Simply log on to Create an account by clicking on the link on the lower right hand side. Create a listing and add your property.

If you want to create a listing but are having difficulties, please call Stephanie at 724-3657 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will walk you through the process.



Ann Simon
Economic Development Program Manager

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