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CharlieInterested in learning about a new way to share information and resources with other local food friends? App developer Charlie Wisoff has created an innovative social media platform that can help you do just that through a collection of community interactions to bring about critical attention and reform to the various pressing issues in the Albuquerque community.
Thanks to the creation of CivNet, Charlie has now made it possible for like-minded individuals to do more than just scratch the surface of imperative issues in the local food community in New Mexico. Among the many “action plans” found on the online podium, CivNet has a sector entirely dedicated to the local agricultural population titled “Local Foods Initiative,” where individuals have the opportunity to connect with one another, learn from each other, partner, and collaborate on all levels.

Considering New Mexico’s fertile landscapes and hard working local food vendors, it is no surprise the Local Food Initiative page has gained noteworthy attention by community members across the board. According to a native New Mexican farmer and member of the CivNet team, Xavier Barraza a platform like CivNet is precisely what the local civic community needs in order to make strides in union and thrive in today’s prospering local foods field.

By Merritt Blankenau

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