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Effort to Promote Local Food Recognized

Randy Burge, columnist for the Albuquerque Tribune recently acknowledged the effort underway to promote local food, and encourage and support local farmers.   The article discusses local farms, growers' markets, and restaurants choosing to offer locally-grown products.

He writes:

Chuck Wellborn, one of our great civic impresarios, is in on the trend, joining in with a legion of committed local growers, markets, and enthusiasts to make it easier for you to "go local."

They're working to streamline local market efficiencies and promotion, with assistance from the McCune Foundation and the Mid-Region Council of Governments, among other organizations, and helping to bring local foods back to tables all over town.

Wellborn smiles when he speaks of his own freshly made connection to locally grown foods.

Shrugging his shoulders, he admits: "Growing up in the Northeast Heights, I never appreciated the local food chain. Like most of us, I took food for granted. You bought it at the grocery store, simple as that. Going local has opened up a whole new awareness about how I see food now."

Read the full article online here

Chuck Wellborn is a member of the Agriculture Collaborative. 



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