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TRANSITION UNM - Making a Difference: Creating A Sustainable Campus

The Transition Movement comes to UNM

TRANSITION UNM -Making a Difference: Creating A Sustainable Campus

November 5, 2011,5:00 -- 8:00pm

Peace & Justice Center, Harvard & Silver S.E., Albuquerque


Pot luck, music & getting to know your neighbors. Every person has the capacity to live in harmony with our world and use its resources wisely. We can each make a difference. Come to our Transition Initiative, meet others and create a compelling personal or organizational vision for a sustainable future, and build resilient community. The converging crises of climate change, oil depletion, and economic instability cannot be solved separately or with technology miracles, but by lessening dependence on fossil fuels. The heart of transition is the belief that by engaging with ingenuity to unlock the collective genius of our communities, we can choose a future that is more just and sustainable.


Participants will: *Explore the opportunities for transforming the challenges of peack oi, climate change and economic instability. * Be introduced to concepts of the Transition model, including permaculture, such as energy conservation, recycling & reusing, water purification, bicycle repair, organic locally grown food, music, local green businesses and organizations.


Meet people from Albuquerque & Santa Fe * Become a part of the internationalTransition movement * Develop a personal action plan * Create a vision and the inspiration to carry it forward * Acknowledge yourself a citizen of a sustainable UNM campus community & world.


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