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U-Snip-It or U-Plant-It Living Gourmet Lettuce

Red Tractor Farm and Rio Valley Greenhouse have collaborated to bring you a local pesticide free source of spring baby lettuce greens.

The greens are a combination over 15 varieties of red and green lettuces including; Red Sails, Rouge De Hiver, Freckles Romaine, Lolla Rossa and Oak leaf, Bibb, Mustard, Sorrel, Corn Mache, Rainbow Chard, Tatsoi and Endive.

It is pesticide free and nourished only with sun, water and seaweed fertilizer. The lettuce is planted in a 10"x20" flat that is bursting with green lettuce ready for planting or for eating.

U- SnipIt -- You can snip the baby greens with a scissor and eat as it as it grows, it should have up to 3 re-growths if watered and provided adequate sunlight. This time of year you can keep them out all day and bring in at night or place in a window shelf.

U- PlantIt -- You can choose to plant this in your garden today. Just carefully take a 3 inch area of the tray and gather from the bottom of the tray and plant in your garden or raised bed. We recommend mulching with straw and covering with a fabric row cover like "agribond" or under plastic until the last chance of a freeze around April 18th. You will get great lettuce through May.

Great for farmers, raised bed gardeners, the gourmet cook, the greens lover, and for teachers in experiential classroom learning.

Order or pick yours tray(s) up today - only a limited quantity is available!

Price: $20.00 per flat (please call for discounts on quantities)

Available for pick up: Monday -- Saturday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Where: Rio Valley Greenhouse 2000 Harzman Road SW, 87105

Directions: From I-25 take Bridge Blvd West to Goff turn right, then left on Harzman

Contact: Kathi Caldwell at 505- 242-4423 or Dory Wegrzyn, 505-604-5956



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