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Mini Farms for NM Kids--Pitch in to help bring this project to life!

Going Beyond Organic with Backyard and Schoolyard Farms

A Kickstarter Project that Brings a Mini-Farm to Your School


(12/4/2012) From Tierra Lucero...

"Farmer Bob" through Tierra Lucero, a Taos-based non-profit organization, recently launched a Kickstarter project that, when funded, will provide a mini-farm with a mini-sliding greenhouse for your school. These mini-farms give children the opportunity to learn about growing food, participate in the planting and harvesting of the produce, and bring the fresh veggies into their cafeterias to eat.


Our project goal is to raise $36,000 by December 31st. The money that we raise will fund your school and five other schools in the region to receive the mini-farms and also provide us with the equipment to bring these mini-farms to more schools and backyards regionally and nationally. Taos and Albuquerque are our pilot projects for this new, growing movement of bringing school kids into the garden and fresh produce into their cafeterias. This is a rare opportunity for your school to be one of the first schools in the country to receive these unique, fully-installed mini-farm kits.

Let's create a thriving community here in Albuquerque and be the example for hundreds of other schools and communities nationwide!

A $10 dollar pledge (or more!) helps you to be involved in this dream of kids growing, harvesting and eating their own food, and to make it a reality --for your children and the children that benefit from this program for many years to come.

For more information about this project, watch our video, and pledge your $10 please go to:



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