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Feb. 2013 Feature Article

So a Turtle Walks into a Coop... A LandLink Success Story

by Mona Angel, Laughing Turtle Farms | Fairfield Farm & Market

Fairfield Farm & Market

Fairfled Farm & Market is a start-up, farmer-owned cooperative. We arevery proud of our fledgling coop.Our goal is to get fresh, local produce to people who might not normally have access.Our members include farmers from Albuquerque (seeLaughing Turtle Farms piece below), Bosque Farms, and Los Lunas. Most of us are new farmers; three of us are UNM students.
Most recently, we have two new partner members: the Historic King Orchard and the Open Space Alliance (OSA). The Historic King Orchard is a 1950's/1960's apple orchard that once sold apples all over the US, and is in need of restoration. We are partnering with the OSA to have a farm stand at the Open Space Visitors Center (OSVC), and to teach classes to community members who want to learn to grow their ownfood.
We arereally excited aboutopening a farm stand at the City's Open Space Visitors Center on Coors, as well as offering workshops and classes for community members. We are even working on a "farm camp" for kids for summer 2013! Working out of the Visitors Center is a great way to interact with the community, and it really is a nice place to work.
Community involvement is one of the core principles of our coop. We donate 10% of our profits and food, as well as our time to community projects.We each have our own farms, but we share tools, seeds and time with each other during planting and harvest.We also believe in mentoring new farmers starting out!
For more information, or to volunteer, please visitour new website (generously created by Abq Sprout). There you can also view a short bio and a list of the farmer members.

Laughing Turtle Farms

Laughing Turtle Farms came out of a successfulLandLinkconnection between us (Mona Angel and Anne Carpenter), a couple of aspiring farmers without land, and a North Valley landowner with underutilized land. A lot has changed on that parcel... We actually have some plants growing out there! In addition to the North Valley land, we are farming in Grants, NM.
We are using permaculture methods and good old fashioned farming skills. Permaculture is an ecologically-based, sustainable, design system, especially suited for farming in the dry climate of New Mexico. We have also learned some great skills by asking questions and working with local New Mexico Farmers. Soon we will share our knowledge with UNM student interns, and we will continue to welcome interns interested in learning to farm using permaculture!New Mexico's agricultural traditions are still very much alive today in our urban farms and in rural communities. We are very happy to be a part of that history--from our farm to your table, providing fresh produce to local people.
Laughing Turtle Farms also is a proud member of the Fairfield Farm & Market!
About Mona Angel
Mona Angel is a candidate for the Master's of Community & Regional Planning at the University of New Mexico. She also served as the UNM Lobo Gardens Coordinator, and became certified in Permaculture in 2011. Mona is aLandLinkparticipant who not only started a farm--Laughing Turtle Farms, but also a farmer-owned cooperative--Fairfield Farm & Market.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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