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DUE 3/28/13: Farm to School Education Support

Once again, Farm to Table has been funded to help other groups develop their farm to school programs. These programs aim to further a student's curiosity in the world of horticulture and agriculture, and building the connection that eating more fresh fruits and vegetables has in helping their bodies grow strong and healthy.

Examples of these activities can include: school and community gardens, farmers visiting schools, field trips to farms, variety tasting events, creating pollinator-friendly garden environments, AND culinary, nutrition, and health education that have a locally-produced-foods focus.

Are you providing these or other educational opportunities to students in your area? Please let's hear from you! (Even if you are not seeking funding. Would you care to share your story with the rest of the farm to school community with a listing on our brand new website?) This project is supported by the Nirvana Manana Institute and First National Bank.

To apply: Please download the applicaton materials and follow the directions on the two forms.

Email these to Le Adams, Farm to School, by 5pm on March 28th, 2013: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text1838+'<\/a>'; //--> .

Questions? Contact Le.
Le Adams
Farm to School Program
Farm to Table
Regional Lead Agency of the National Farm to School Network
618 B Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Tel: 505-473-1004 Ext. 10 - Fax: 505-473-3421
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Other Farm to School/School Garden Related Funding Opportunities:

a) DUE 4/24/13: Funding-USDA Farm to School Grant Program.FY 2014 - Proposals Due April 24, 2013

Annually, USDA awards up to $5 million in grants for training, operations, planning, purchasing equipment, developing school gardens, and implementing farm to school programs. The USDA will be hosting a series of free webinars from March 5-7 to assist with the application process. More info here.

b) Due 3/15/13: Food Education and Food Day 2013

Food education and food literacy to reduce obesity and diet-related disease are major themes of Food Day 2013.

Food Day has teamed up with the National Farm to School Network and the United Natural Foods Institute Foundation to offer eight planning grants of $1,000 each to schools that are organizing Food Day celebrations during National Farm to School Month (October). Applications are due March 15, 2013 by 5pm EST.

The free Food Day curriculum is geared towards upper-elementary and middle school students. The curriculum is broken into 5 lessons and designed to teach children the importance of eating real, fresh food; cutting back on processed foods; and advocating for a healthier community.



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