Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Safety Analysis

The transportation system must be safe for all modes. MRMPO analyzes crash data to determine which areas need improvement and produces an Annual Crash and Safety Report that includes crash rate information for the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area.

Note: Although the report is updated annually, it reports on the most recent data available, which is a few years behind the current year.

To provide additional detail about pedestrian and bicycle crashes in Bernalillo County, the MRMPO analyzed information collected by New Mexico Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Bureau and compiled findings in the following report: Bernalillo County Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Data Analysis 2010-2014. Findings in the report are based on the best information available about the quantity and severity of crashes along with the details such as location, time, date and basic information about the people involved in the crash the report provides. To the best extent possible, details underlying the cause of the crash are also provided by the reported top contributing factor to the crash. Work on the report was done in collaboration with the Healthy Here: Communities Leading Healthy Change Initiative funded in part by the Center for Disease Control.

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