Pilot Bike Share Program

BICI: Pilot Bike Share Program

bici logo 225The DowntownABQ MainStreet Initiative and the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG) partnered to plan and implement Albuquerque’s first bike share program, called BICI (pronounced “BEE-see”). BICI bike share is working with bike sharing leader Zagster to provide bicycles that can be shared by residents and visitors at locations within the downtown Albuquerque area. BICI bike share is launched May 15th, 2015 - National Bike to Work Day!

Tell Us Where You Would Like a Bike Share Station!

Guess what!? BICI bike share just turned six months old! We've been hearing from both residents and businesses that they love having access to bike share in downtown, but also want to see BICI bikes/stations in other parts of Albuquerque (and Santa Fe) to provide further mobility. We hear you loud and clear... we're already exploring a 2016 expansion! However, we need your help! Please take this short n' sweet survey to help us not only improve our existing bike share, but also make the case for expanding it. The survey will close on January 15, 2016.

Let's make Albuquerque's bike share happen!

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Bike share is a revolution in transportation, extending personal mobility through a network of publicly available bicycles that can be checked out at stations. Bike share also complements existing public transit, providing the first and last mile connectivity by filling in gaps where no other mode exists. Bike share is a healthy, sustainable and affordable form of public transportation. BICI uses Zagter bikes for its pilot program.

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What is Bike Share?

Bike share is a revolution in transportation, extending personal mobility through a network of publicly available bicycles that can be checked out at stations. Bike share also complements existing public transit, providing the first and last mile of connectivity by filling in gaps where no other mode exists. Bike share is a healthy, sustainable and affordable form of public transportation. BICI uses Zagster bikes for its pilot program.

Bike Share 101

Bike share is a transit system that consists of a network of stations where bikes are publicly available for short-term rental through several different fare options. Bike share trips are typically short distances and a brief amount of time.

How Does It Work?

grid bike 360x300Riders can unlock, ride, and return any bike with just their own mobile phones – using the Zagster app or text message. It’s all automated on the bike. You can also reserve online from home. It’s that easy!

Membership in the Albuquerque bike share is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. Eligible participants must have a valid credit or debit card to become a member. Bike share accounts are set up by visiting http://zagster.com/abq/. Currently, there are 13-bike stations throughout the downtown corridor at which a person can pick up or drop off a bike (see website for specific station locations). Once a rider has set up his or her account, renting a bike is as easy as four simple steps:

  1. BORROW 
    Find the bike you want to borrow. Enter its number into the app on your mobile device. Tap “Start Ride,” and you’ll get a code to open and close the lockbox.
    Use the key from inside the lockbox to operate the U-Lock that attaches the bike to its station. Close the lockbox before you ride.
  3. RIDE
    Have fun and stay safe! Use the U-lock to keep the bike secure if you make stops along the way. Your lockbox code will continue to work during your ride.
    When you’re done, lock the bike back to an Albuquerque Zagster Station and close the lockbox. Then go to the app and tap “End Ride.”

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downtown bike share map500Albuquerque’s pilot bike share will center on the heart of our city...downtown! Albuquerque is already a great city for biking and boasts a number of existing assets to support bike share, from incredible weather year round, over 620 miles of bikeways and trails, and 180 miles of signed bike routes. And downtown features many of the places and activities necessary for bike share to be successful, including:

  • Mass transit connections through the Alvarado Transportation Center
  • Diverse and growing employer base
  • Cultural resources
  • Convention Center that attracts thousands of out-of-town visitors every month
  • Public and private interest in revitalization efforts

Support BICI

BICI is seeking support and sponsorships to supplement grant funding generously contributed by PNM. If you are interested in supporting this exciting new transportation project in Albuquerque's downtown area, visit http://www.abqmainstreet.org/bici/ for more info.

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Thanks To...

The City of Albuquerque, the DowntownABQ MainStreet Initiative and the Mid-Region Council of Governments, who are working collaboratively to plan and implement Albuquerque’s pilot bike share. 

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