Travel Demand Forecasts

Travel Demand Forecasts

MRCOG provides a variety of travel demand forecasting services to our memberagencies using the Regional Transportation Model. This model predicts travel demand for automobile, transit, bicycle, and walk trips for Metropolitan Transportation Plan analysis years. Model data can be analyzed for peak hour characteristics or compiled to identify daily trends. Traffic analysis is done on a system-wide basis and focuses ontravel patterns and trends.

In addition, MRCOG provides detailed traffic studies to member agencies to assist them in their transportation decisions, including future alternative scenarios for a variety of road network and transit options.

Current Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) travel demand forecast datasets from Regional Travel Demand Model (Emme/2) are available by request. TAZ/DASZ socio-economic datasets are in *.dbf format.

  • Morning, afternoon, and off-peak traffic forecasts with: Directional link volumes
    • Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)
    • Vehicle Hours Traveled (VHT)
    • Vehicle Hours of Delay (VHD)
    • Volume/Capacity (V/C) ratios
  • Minimum path analysis and Origin/Destination (O-D) statistics for MTP forecast years
  • Travel modeling for study or project scenarios that require modifications to MTP datasets and networks is available upon request depending on scope of work, staff time, and available resources.

Note: The MRCOG does not produce intersection turning movement forecasts. These should be provided by qualified professional traffic engineers using the link volumes and other outputs from the MRCOG Regional Travel Demand Model for the current MTP.

For a copy of the MRCOG Regional Travel Model Recalibration and Validation Report, click here(7.20 MB).

Contact: Nathan Masek (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) (505) 724-3620



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