Maps & Data

MRCOG provides data and technical services to member agencies, planning professionals, and citizens. Wherever possible, this data is made available online. Maps and publications not available online, such as older documents and large format maps, may be available for purchase.  

Interactive Maps

Our interactive maps showcase data using the ArcGIS online platform for a variety of MRCOG and MRMPO projects. 

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DASZ Boundary Maps

Census Maps

Growth Maps by Census Tracts




We collect traffic counts at all major roads in Bernalillo, Valencia, Torrance, Sandoval and southern Santa Fe counties. The data is used to support various planning activities, and to produce annual Traffic Flow Maps of Albuquerque and the outlying rural areas.  Read more >>

Socio-Economic Data

We collect data that pertain to population, housing, jobs, and land-use. Specific datasets include labor market statistics, Census data, commuting data, land use inventories, and building permits.  Read more >>

Transportation Analysis & Querying Application (TAQA)

A user-friendly database to display and query reports on travel time, traffic counts and average weekday daily traffic data. Read more >>

Transportation Accessibility Model (TRAM)

Member agencies may request information on travel times and market information for various types of transportation, environmental justice analyses, alternative bus route analyses, and more.  Read more >>

Travel Demand Forecasts

We provide services to member agencies using the regional transportation model. This model predicts travel demand for automobile, transit, bicycle, and walk trips for the Metropolitan Transportation Plan analysis years.  Read more >>

Safety Analysis

MRCOG obtains and analyzes crash data to assist member agencies and the public with understanding crash information and transportation planning issues confronting the AMPA region. Read more >>

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping

We provide digital map data in ESRI formats, digital aerial photography, digital graphic formats for hard copy maps, and special mapping requests.  Read more >>