Jobs for Youth

Jobs for Youth


teens at a computerAre you 14 - 21 years old, or a parent of a young person looking for a job?  Do you live in a low-income household?

Contact or visit us for help finding full-time work, part-time work, summer jobs and/or internships. We can also help you plan a career.

It's hard to find work when you don't have any work experience. It's even harder if you need more education, are a young parent, or if you have difficulty speaking English.

Services Offered

  • Visit the Business and Career Center:  We can help you explore careers, assess your needs, search for jobs, explore training, prepare for the GED, find internships, find financial assistance, obtain mentoring, etc.
  • On-line Resources:  
    • Visit the State's Career Prospects site for career opportunities after high school.  Take an online quiz to determine the type of job that might suit you best, explore educational opportunities, etc. 
    • Visit the State's Job Seeker Services site to find jobs in your town or county, match your skills with the jobs that are available right now, create resumes and cover letters online, send job opportunities to your email address, etc.  Free registration is required for some of the services.   
    • Visit the federal government's Career One Stop site to learn more about high growth, high income-earning jobs and the type of education they require.

Contact or visit the New Mexico Workforce Connection Business and Career Center nearest you.




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