Scenario Planning

In an effort to develop a more robust analysis of potential growth in the region, MRMPO integrated scenario planning into Futures 2040. Scenario planning is a tool to evaluate the trade offs of different development patterns and measure the impacts of how we are growing or could potentially grow on our region's transportation network, land consumption, environmental quality, and economy.

About Scenario Planning

Scenario planning considers:

  • The different ways that land use and transportation growth might occur in the region
  • Impacts of different growth scenarios on a variety of factors (environmental, economic, mobility, etc.)
  • An assessment of which growth scenarios best meet regional needs

For example, one scenario could target job and housing growth around existing and future transit lines and measure the impact of that targeted development on vehicle trips and congestion across the region.

Reasons for Scenario Planning

  • To develop a context for evaluating and understanding the costs and benefits of the different ways the region can grow
  • To integrate land use planning efforts into MRMPO's plans and programs, particularly the upcoming 2040 MTP

Scenario Planning Workshops

In June 2013, MRMPO, with assistance from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), organized a workshop to kick-off a regional scenario planning effort. The workshop included 71 participants from public agencies in the region involved in transportation, housing, water resources and public health. Another workshop took place in October 2013 with Health Professionals. During these workshops major regional challenges were identified and ranked. The results of these workshops are captured in the summary below. 

A final round of workshops were held in the summer of 2014 to assess scenarios and develop a preferred scenario and implementation strategies.

Workshop Materials

For more information about the FHWA scenario planning program and to see the materials developed and presented at the workshop.

Check out the FHWA Scenario Planning Program. View the summer 2014 workshop materials.

Scenario Planning Updates

Scenario planning updates were given as part of the spring 2014 Futures 2040 MTP public meetings. At those meetings, draft conceptual scenarios were presented and comment forms to solicit feedback were made available.