Sandoval County U.S. 550 Station Area

Located where some say the state's wine industry started, this station blends Bernalillo's historic characteristics with the more modern, active setting of the U.S. 550/I-25 corridor. This station will have an increasingly important transportation role by providing connections between the Rail Runner and numerous bus and shuttle linkages - and will soon serve as the gateway station for future Rail Runner service north to Santa Fe.

Residential Benefits

For residents, the station area plan encourages a feeling of real community - instead of simply a parking lot and a place to catch the train. Stores and offices - lined with active sidewalks and pedestrian paseos - inspire a vibrant "sense of arrival" for visitors to the area.

Pedestrian paths, some along the acequia, will make for a comfortable and relaxing walk between the station and nearby houses, businesses, schools and of course, the annual Bernalillo Wine Festival.

An Example of a Multi-Purpose Path Linking the Town of Bernalillo Rail Runner Stations to Surroundin

Achieving the Vision

To achieve this vision, improvements identified for the station area include:

  • Bike routes that will connect the station area to a network of existing and future bike lanes.
  • Creation of "sense of arrival" through landmark architectural elements, direct views of the Sandia Mountains and the addition of trees and a vineyard-themed parking lot.
  • Mixed-use development and new residential development on vacant parcels within walking distance of the station.
  • New parks, public open spaces and enhancements to the historical trails and acequias to reflect the vineyard and rich agricultural history of the area.
  • A pedestrian and bike connection under U.S. 550 that will safely and comfortably bring people to the high school and north.