Public Participation Procedures

MRMPO’s Public Participation Procedures document establishes the methods and procedures used for developing the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) as well as other planning products and documents for the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area (AMPA). It also provides information about how interested parties can participate in the regional long-range transportation planning process. The Public Participation Procedures document was updated in 2018 and includes new methods, approaches, and techniques that will be used by MRMPO for outreach purposes going forward. The methods are guided by an overall approach that favors going to where people are rather than asking them to come to us to give their feedback. The new approach also emphasizes increasing efforts to reach underrepresented groups, increasing overall engagement through the use of new methods, and focusing more on gathering feedback rather than presenting information.

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MRMPO's Outreach Goals

MRMPO Public Participation Goals