Science & Technology

Having two national laboratories as well as the flagship university in the MRCOG region is enough justification to build our economy from science and technology resources. It is even more justifiable when all parties are working together to transfer that talent and research capacity into commercialized technologies and ultimately into viable companies. 

The region’s science and technology resources include development of advanced solar and other environmental technologies, biosciences, micro-systems manufacturing, nano-technology, instruments and control systems, optics and photonics, sensing devices, and other emerging technologies.

Scientist Working on Project


  • Align workforce training/development to meet the needs of employers in the STEM fields; work with industry trade groups like NM BIO, NM Optics Industry Association, Innovate+Educate, TalentABQ, etc.
  • Capture grads in STEM / Creative fields
  • Create Centers of Excellence in photonics, water, creative industries
  • Create mid-level equity fund for emerging companies ($1 million to $4 million revolving every 5 years. This could come from the State Investment Council’s Equity Investment Fund)
  • Create a region-wide affordable-access broadband fiber optic system whereby private providers open lines, share access and/or new lines are developed, funded and maintained
  • Develop and support a commercial air, rail and logistics hub in the ABQ Metro area to facilitate international and interstate commerce, assembly and manufacturing
  • Expand and facilitate access to capital for startups, micro enterprises, Main Street, innovation-led, and second stage companies
  • Increase access to the State Permanent Fund for business investment
  • Increase awareness of lending capital by facilitating access to micro lenders, Accion, WESST, New Mexico Loan Fund, Enchantment Land Certified Development Company, etc.
  • Increase existing business development programs
  • Increase funding for economic development marketing to bring awareness of the Albuquerque Metro region
  • Increase recruitment efforts of companies in the STEM fields
  • Market Ingenuity Central to highlight our creative, entrepreneurial, technology-focused culture
  • Recruit STEM talent

Key Partners

  • AED
  • AFRL
  • The Bio Science Center
  • C3
  • Industry Trade Groups (i.e., New Mexico Bio, New Mexico Optics Industry Association, etc.)
  • Innovate ABQ
  • Innovate+Educate
  • New Mexico Angels
  • New Mexico Partnership
  • SNL
  • SSTP
  • TalentABQ


  • Number of clicks on the Ingenuity Central website 
  • Number of earned media stories about technology companies in New Mexico
  • Number of Flying Forty or other fast growth companies that are not primarily federal government contractors
  • Number of local venture capital firms investing in science and technology companies
  • Number of members of Technology associations in the region
  • Number of new firms that meet the definition of Science and Technology above
  • Number of new workers employed in technology companies
  • Number of Technology transfer/commercialization successes from UNM or Sandia National Labs
  • Number of workers trained through JTIP or customized training in STEM fields