Land Use & Transportation Integration Committee (LUTI)

An advisory subcommittee to the Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) and the Metropolitan Transportation Board (MTB)


This committee is currently on hold until the kick-off of the 2045 MTP process.


The Land Use and Transportation Integration Committee (LUTI) is convened to discuss regional issues related to the integration of local and regional land use and transportation planning. LUTI’s purpose includes the following:

  • Actively integrate shared land use and transportation principles into local plans and documents;
  • Update the Metropolitan Transportation plan (MTP) Target Scenario and Performance Measures;
  • Update the Long Range Transportation Systems Guidelines (LRTS), including the process of interim updates of long range maps; and
  • Evaluate development review activities by MRMPO.

This group will also consider other matters referred to them by the TCC and the MTB.

Committee Members

The group consists of local land use planners from member governments and agencies represented on the MTB.