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ITS LogoIntelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Subcommittee meetings are inter-agency meetings between federal, state, and local stakeholders.  The Intelligent Transportation System Subcommittee coordinates ITS stakeholder activity, and makes recommendations to the Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC). The TCC then makes recommendations to the Metropolitan Transportation Board.   

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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) involves the application of technology to enhance and coordinate travel management with such items as advanced communications, synchronized traffic lights, and dynamic message signs (DMS). Travel conditions (i.e. incidents, congestion, weather, etc.) are reported to agencies and travelers for agency response and to better inform the public in their travel decision making. Further, enhanced communication improves coordination between agencies to better respond to travel conditions.

Benefits of integrated ITS include improved mobility, reduced congestion, improved safety, enhanced emergency response, and better overall system efficiency. Much of these benefits result from the coordination and cooperation of all ITS "stakeholder" agencies within the region. Therefore, the MRCOG ITS Committee has been established as a forum for ITS planning among MRCOG member agencies and other ITS stakeholders interested in participating. In addition, the ITS Committee provides valuable input to the transportation project development processes such as the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) in support of local, state, and federal requirements.


Throughout the region, member agencies as well as non-member agencies such as police / 911 are integrating their systems into a coordinated regional Intelligent Transportation System following recommendations included in the AMPA Regional ITS Architecture. This guidance document is kept current with periodic updates performed on a biennial basis consistent with MRCOG transportation planning process.


Meetings occur at the offices of the Mid-Region Council of Governments at 809 Copper Ave., NW in Albuquerque. They are generally held at 1:30pm - 3:30pm in the afternoon. Please contact Nathan Masek ( if you wish to receive meeting agendas. 

ITS Planning, Regional Architecture & ITS Project Support for the AMPA

The latest update to the AMPA's Regional ITS Architecture has been completed. The architecture establishes a regional framework for coordinated ITS deployment for projects within the AMPA. Developed by the ITS Subcommittee, this addendum to the AMPA Regional ITS Architecture is developed as part of the ITS Architecture Maintenance responsibilities of the Mid-Region Council of Governments' ITS Subcommittee in close coordination with the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) ITS Bureau pursuant to FHWA/FTA ITS Architecture and Standards Final Rule (Rule 940.11).

AMPA's ITS regional stakeholders are involved to ensure that ITS deployments are developed and implemented in a manner that meet's identified user needs and functionality, and that any components are integrated to support data sharing, coordinated and/or phased development, and are consistent with regional goals. The Baseline Architecture establishes a "consensus blueprint" for all ITS deployment to meet the identified transportation needs of the region. The subsequent Addendums serve to integrate the architecture into the MRCOG's transportation planning and project programming process through project review in the MTP and TIP.

AMPA ITS Regional Architecture 2.0 Project Documents

ITS Architecture Addendum Cover

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The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Subcommittee is responsible for the promotion and coordination of ITS applications and services within the AMPA. It coordinates the development of ITS elements into the regional transportation system, consistent with the AMPA Regional Architecture, applicable federal rules, and the systems engineering process. The subcommittee’s work includes ensuring the coordination of ITS Services and coherent delivery of responsive traveler information to travelers on the roadway system, as well as communications and data sharing among stakeholder agencies that manage the system for all projects including non-ITS projects.

The ITS Committee's mission is to coordinate ITS activity in the AMPA by:

  • Recommending and promoting ITS projects for the MTP and TIP
  • Reviewing TIP projects for consistency with MTP and compatibility with the AMPA Regional ITS Architecture
  • Monitoring and evaluating ITS implementation across all jurisdictions
  • Identifying ITS infrastructure opportunities for non-ITS projects