Transportation & Logistics Hub Study

The MRCOG region has an incredible opportunity to grow and diversify its economy by leveraging its transportation infrastructure, strengths in technology and workforce developments, and regional partnerships to support existing employers and attract new businesses. By making targeted, regionally-focused investments that leverage the trade gateways - air, rail, and highway - to build its manufacturing and technology economy, MRCOG and its partners can cultivate an economy of robust growth. Moreover, increasing the freight- and logistics-based economy will support growth in the region as a whole - not just for a particular city or county.

Direct Airline Flight Maps

Related Documents

Read a presentation summarizing the study; the final report with key findings and recommendations; and four technical documents (included as appendices) developed for this study. Each of these reports examines a distinct aspect of the freight, industry, and logistics trends in the greater Albuquerque region.

  • Appendix A: MRCOG Region Freight Assets and Market Study (PDF) - Overview analysis of the MRCOG region’s freight assets, commodity flow, economics and industry sectors, logistics and supply chain issues, and a brief overview of public policy relating to future freight-related industrial development.
  • Appendix B: MRCOG Region Industry Sector Competitiveness Assessment (PDF) - Customized competitiveness assessments illustrating how a corporate decision maker might assess site options for a real-world project example. This document describes this assessment; benchmarks the MRCOG region against competitors in four sectors: distribution, food manufacturing, aerospace and photonics; describes how location factors influence decisions; and identifies strengths and areas for improvement for the region.
  • Appendix C: Automotive Technology and Photonics Industry Sector Overviews (PDF) - Brief, high-level overview of two industry sectors - automotive technology and photonics-enabling technology – that have been identified as future opportunities for the MRCOG region.
  • Appendix D: Trade Gateways and Cargo Oriented Development Study (PDF) - Anchoring the MRCOG region in two levels of geography, this document examines the region’s connections through trade gateways to domestic and international markets. On the local scale, the report also examines development of industrial sites and “Cargo Oriented Development” approaches to support a robust industrial base.
  • Final Report: Transportation and Logistics Hub Study (PDF) - The key findings, short-term project development opportunities, and longer-term planning and policy recommendations of the study are presented in this document. These findings and recommendations are designed to strengthen the link between regional transportation and economic development activities, engage regional stakeholders, and position the region and the State as a hub for global business investments.
  • Presentation: Greater Albuquerque Transportation and Logistics Feasibility Study (PDF) - This PowerPoint presents a summary of the study and its findings, including the short and long term project development opportunities.